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Unwilling Betrothal summary Unwilling Betrothal , series Unwilling Betrothal , book Unwilling Betrothal , pdf Unwilling Betrothal , Unwilling Betrothal 263facc051 Virtually Betrothed To Three Men How Had This Happened To Her, Wondered Lady Annabelle Sarne, Her Head And Heart Swimming In Confusion.First There Was The Marquis D Hubert, A Perfumed And Powdered French Aristocrat To Whom Annabelle S Uncle Had Promised Her Hand.Then Major Lockwood, A Rugged Individualist Come To Claim Annabelle As Payment For A Debt Incurred Years Earlier By Her Father.And Finally Andre, An Exciting Man Of Mystery, Who Extracted From Annabelle A Vow Of Love And A Promise Of Marriage One Warm Velvet Night Of Magic.

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