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Nikolaus Pevsner download Nikolaus Pevsner , read online Nikolaus Pevsner , kindle ebook Nikolaus Pevsner , Nikolaus Pevsner 73996f4671a8 The Definitive Biography, Based On Exclusive Access To Diaries And Personal Papers, As Well As The Archive Of Pevsner S Landmark Series, The Buildings Of England Born Nikolai Pewsner Into A Russian Jewish Family In Leipzig In 1902, Nikolaus Pevsner Was A Dedicated Scholar Who Pursued A Promising Career As An Academic In Dresden And G Ttingen.When, In 1933 Jews Were No Longer Permitted To Teach In German Universities, He Lost His Job And Looked For Employment In England Here, Over A Long And Amazingly Industrious Career, He Made Himself An Authority On The Exploration And Enjoyment Of English Art And Architecture, So Much So That His Magisterial County By County Series Of 46 Books On The Buildings Of Englandfirst Published 1951 74 Is Usually Referred To Simply As Pevsner As A Critic, Academic And Champion Of Modernism, Pevsner Became A Central Figure In The Architectural Consensus That Accompanied Post War Reconstruction As A General Practitioner Of Architectural History, He Covered An Astonishing Range, From Gothic Cathedrals And Georgian Coffee Houses To The Festival Of Britain And Brutalist Tower Blocks Susie Harries Explores The Truth About Nikolaus Pevsner S Reported Sympathies With Elements Of Nazi Ideology, His Internment In England As An Enemy Alien And His Sometimes Painful Assimilation Into His Country Of Exile His Heftchen Secret Diaries He Kept From The Age Of 14 For Another 60 Years Reveal Hidden Aspirations And Anxieties, As Do His Numerous Letters He Wrote To His Wife, Lola, Every Day That They Were Apart Harries Is The First Biographer To Have Read Pevsner S Private Papers And, Through Them, To Have Seen Into The Workings Of His Mind Her Definitive Biography Is Not Only Rich In Context And Far Ranging, But Is Also Brought To Life By Quotations From Pevsner Himself He Was Born A Jew But Converted To Lutheranism Trained In The Rigour Of German Scholarship, He Became An Everyman In His Copious Commissions, Publications, Broadcasts And Lectures On Art, Architecture, Design, Education, Town Planning, Social Housing, Conservation, Mannerism, The Bauhaus, The Victorians, Zeitgeist, Englishness, And How A Nation S Character May, Or Must, Be Reflected In Its Art His Life As An Outsider Yet An Insider At The Heart Of English Art History Illuminates Both The Predicament And The Prowess Of The Continental Migr S Who Did So Much To Shape British Culture After 1945.