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Rin!, Volume 03 chapter 1 Rin!, Volume 03, meaning Rin!, Volume 03, genre Rin!, Volume 03, book cover Rin!, Volume 03, flies Rin!, Volume 03, Rin!, Volume 03 8cd4a3ce254e5 The Summer Archery Camp Is Over But Katsura Still Has Yet To Regain His Confidence In His Bow And His Love For Sou With The Appearance Of Another Rival In Love Will Sou And Katsura Ever Be Able To Hit The Bulls Eye The Most Popular Yaoi Title Of The Year Concludes With This Volume.

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    When an overly flirtatious older man enters the scene, Sou and Kouichi make a pact to prevent other people from hitting on Katsura and keep the rivalry to just the two of them However, Katsura turns out to be able to stand up for himself I like how Katsura and Kouichi are developing in response to their new responsibilities and emotional concerns Sou on the other hand seems less mature and emotional but that s realistic I thought Kannagi did a great job portraying how a person can behave one way at school and another with their close friends and a third with their lover Which sounds ob...

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    Probably my favourite of the three Such a cute series

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    Am I the only one who wanted Katsura to end up with Kouchi Like oh my god, he was so cute, he was doing everything for KatsuraBecause of him And he said he hasn t given up yet But I think everyone knew how this story will end Very predictable But still, it was sweet story where char...

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    Angst angst, archery, archery It kind of goes around in circles And reading the afterward of this volume where they say it was meant to be 2 volumes but was one chapter too long, yea, I see that It was too long.

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    One of my favorites As far as yaoi books go this one was almost perfect It pulled me in and moved me It wasn t rushed or anything and that s what makes it so good It will forever have a spot on my book shelf _ ,

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    still clearing out the manga to be read pile

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    See review book 1.

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    A boring ending that stretched on too long and then two dull short stories thrown in to make a final compilation I wouldn t recommend this series to anyone except yaoi diehards.

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