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Fictional Countries in Other Worlds txt Fictional Countries in Other Worlds , text ebook Fictional Countries in Other Worlds , adobe reader Fictional Countries in Other Worlds , chapter 2 Fictional Countries in Other Worlds , Fictional Countries in Other Worlds fa05c2 Please Note That The Content Of This Book Primarily Consists Of Articles Available From Wikipedia Or Other Free Sources Online Pages Chapters Universe Of The Legend Of Zelda, Aquilonia, World Of Naruto, Places In Kushiel S Legacy, Human Races From The Malazan Book Of The Fallen Series, Khador, Gwynedd, New Crobuzon, Kingdom Of Loathing, Andor, Cygnar, Seanchan, Places Of Dragon Prince, The Desert, Torenth, Emelan, Protectorate Of Menoth, Arkanar, Melnibone, Rokugan, Skyland, Cryx, The Kingdom Of The Isles, Princemarch, Places In Ile Rien, Eleven Kingdoms, Places In The Realm Of The Elderlings, Videssos, Lankhmar, Demonland, The Empire Of Great Kesh, Witchland, Cairhien, Cimmeria, Illian, Shienar, Bungeling Empire, Elvandar, Saldaea, Seed Kingdom, Windmill Kingdom, Arad Doman, Flame Kingdom, Water Drop Kingdom, Amadicia, Republic Of Morskoj, Duchy Of Olasko, Ibansk, Balaia Excerpt The Fictional Universe Depicted In The Legend Of Zelda Series Of Video Games Consists Of A Variety Of Lands, The Most Commonly Appearing Of These Being Hyrule Hairaru , And Was Created By Japanese Video Game Developer Shigeru Miyamoto The Bridge Of Eldin, As Seen In Super Smash Bros BrawlThe Land Of Hyrule Hairaru , First Depicted In The Legend Of Zelda, Is The Main Setting Of The Series Many Designated Areas Of Hyrule Appear Throughout The Series, Such As The Lost Woods, Kakariko Village, Death Mountain And Lake Hylia Several Games In The Series Are Set In Lands Other Than Hyrule, Including Link S Awakening, Set On Koholint Island Majora S Mask, Set In Termina Oracle Of Seasons And Oracle Of Ages, Set In Holodrum And Labrynna, Respectively And The Wind Waker And Phantom Hourglass, Both Set On The Great Sea, A Flooded Hyrule Although A Large Portion Of Phantom Hourglass Takes Place In The World Of The Ocean King, Which Is In Another Dimension Hyrule Was Formed By The Goddesses Din, Farore, And Nayru According To Hylian Legend As Depicted In Ocarina Of Time, Din Cre

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