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General Principles of Systems Design pdf General Principles of Systems Design , ebook General Principles of Systems Design , epub General Principles of Systems Design , doc General Principles of Systems Design , e-pub General Principles of Systems Design , General Principles of Systems Design 3e80b7aa352 Partial Contents1 The Problem Of PersistenceWeinberg S Law S Of Twins The General Systems Approach To Continuity2 AggregatesBirths And Deaths The Fundamental Aggregate Equation3 Birth Free AggregatesSocial Versus Innate Survival Exponential Decay Unimodal Life Tables, And Ogives4 Reasoning About AggregatesCooperation And Competition The Law Of Collapse The Law Of Typology5 Modeling Differentiated AggregatesThe State Vector Constructing A System Of Equations To Solve Or Not To Solve 6 Programs For Models Of Differentiated AggregatesVarieties Of Programs Transitive Closure The Diagram Of Possible Effects7 Structure And BehaviorThe Structure Of Structure Projecting Behavior With A Linear Program8 The Structure Regulation LawThe Equivalence Of Structure And Input Can A Linear System Be Stable 9 The Search For RegulationThe Problem Of Multidimensional Regulation Separation Of Variables10 The Homeostatic HeuristicsThe Internal Environment Identifying And Essential Variables11 Other Regulatory HeuristicsThe Feedback Principle Analyzing Feedback Loops The Piddling Principle12 Types Of Regulatory MechanismsConditional And Unconditional Mechanisms Error Control Anticipation13 Regulation And EnvironmentActing On The Environment The Environment Regulation Laws The Regulatory Model The Game Of Regulation14 When The Model FailsThe Fundamental Regulator Paradox Noise Noise In Communication Systems15 Making Regulation MysteriousThe Impression Of Intelligence The Myth Of Superiority16 Overly Simple Views Of RegulationThe Kool Aid Fallacy And The Aspirin Illusion The False Alarm Fallacy Flareback17 Blindness And Reversed VisionHiddenReverses Denying The Existence Of Regulation18 Epilogue

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