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Videodrome summary Videodrome , series Videodrome , book Videodrome , pdf Videodrome , Videodrome ac82b0e770 In The World That Lies Ahead Of Us All, Reality And Hallucination Will Merge And Interchange So When Max Renn Saw The Flesh Of His Stomach Swell And Redden As Though A Giant Worm Was Moving Beneath The Skin, Was That Imagination Or Reality And When The Skin Split And The Flesh Parted Like Giant Lips, Soft And Bloodied When He Could Sink His Fingers, His Whole Hand, Deep Inside, Feeling And Probing Through The Wall Of His Own Stomach As The Juices, Thick And Warm, Clung And Sucked Gently At His Finger Tips, Drawing Him In As The Bile Rose, Hot With Revulsion In His Throat Was That A Nightmare Or Reality

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