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Funny in Farsi summary Funny in Farsi , series Funny in Farsi , book Funny in Farsi , pdf Funny in Farsi , Funny in Farsi a7b82efe86 Reading Funny In Farsi Author Firoozeh Dumas Oknalubliniec.eu In 1972, When She Was Seven, Firoozeh Dumas And Her Family Moved From Iran To Southern California, Arriving With No Firsthand Knowledge Of This Country Beyond Her Father S Glowing Memories Of His Graduate School Years Here More Family Soon Followed, And The Clan Has Been Here Ever Since Funny In Farsi Chronicles The American Journey Of Dumas S Wonderfully Engaging Family Her Engineer Father, A Sweetly Quixotic Dreamer Who First Sought Riches On Bowling For Dollars And In Las Vegas, And Later Lost His Job During The Iranian Revolution Her Elegant Mother, Who Never Fully Mastered English Nor Cared To Her Uncle, Who Combated The Effects Of American Fast Food With An Army Of Miraculous American Weight Loss Gadgets And Firoozeh Herself, Who As A Girl Changed Her Name To Julie, And Who Encountered A Second Wave Of Culture Shock When She Met And Married A Frenchman, Becoming Part Of A One Couple Melting Pot.

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