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Mortal Gods (Mantles of Power #2) explained Mortal Gods (Mantles of Power #2) , review Mortal Gods (Mantles of Power #2) , trailer Mortal Gods (Mantles of Power #2) , box office Mortal Gods (Mantles of Power #2) , analysis Mortal Gods (Mantles of Power #2) , Mortal Gods (Mantles of Power #2) aec6 Torn From Her Friends, Kitania Is Captured By A Goddess She Can Only Hope That Her Friends Have Survived Torn From The Sides Of Her Friends By Angelic Magic, Kitania Finds Herself In The Mortal World Once , Among Those Who Suspect She S A Demon Assassin Or Spy Though Most Of Those Suspicions Quickly Subside, She Finds Herself Drawn Into The Elven Court S Intrigue And Is Powerless To Act Against Those Who Sent Her There Meanwhile, Isalla And Rose Are Waiting For Word Of Their Lost Friend, Even As They Begin Gathering Hints Of What Those Who Betrayed Them Are Scheming Yet As The Two Groups Come Closer To Reuniting, The Plots Of Their Enemies Are Progressing, And Despite Their Experiences They Ve Underestimated The Lengths To Which The Conspiracy Will Go For Victory.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 441 pages
  • Mortal Gods (Mantles of Power #2)
  • Benjamin Medrano
  • 02 August 2018

About the Author: Benjamin Medrano

I was born in October, 1985 Not much of my history would likely be of interest, but I grew up primarily in Utah, a land of ultra conservative people, and yet oddly open to Science Fiction and Fantasy.I started trying to write in high school That didn t go well, and I mostly lost the spark for a long time, only rarely finishing writing a story, as most of my inspiration instead went into tabletop

10 thoughts on “Mortal Gods (Mantles of Power #2)

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    I enjoyed Heaven s Fallen, but I approached this one with a little apprehension as I wasn t entire happy with the ending to the last book and had some worries about where the story might be going As it turned out it wasn t really the plot that was the problem, the start of the book was just so dull After a hundred pages or so, I was ready to give up.Eventually the story started to progress and it became a decent read, although the four five six way love triangle hexagon, invol...

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    Love ItLet s be honest, I always love books by Benjamin Medrano I know everybody says the books is slow, but that very pace builds the tension It can t always be action and explosions Though we get plenty of those later in the book I like that we got to see Kit as being a bit vulnerable It m...

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    Goddammit it started out so good and I was all excited then the pacing went to shit again and some things got put on hold just to extend the length of the book honestly could have cut out 3 5 hours on the audio version from the mid point towards the end If he had done that I d have liked it way...

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    Love all of the authors booksI love all of this authors books and eagerly await the next installment.This is a good middle book of the series.Anyways I have preordered the next book.

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    Excellently written.Another well written and engrossing tale by Medrano I didn t want to stop reading until the end I enjoyed every moment of this book.

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