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10 thoughts on “Rescued (JT Thomas #1)

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    Compelling and intense.Well thought out storyline, with some humor thrown in to lighten up an otherwise serious book.Great characters and relationships.Fabulous locations that were nicely described.I got into the story from the very beginning, and really enjoyed it until ...

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    I m sorryI received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I hate giving bad reviews as I m sure the author was proud of his work But this one was just not very good Same stuff as the old fashioned western Stale writing and I was bored before I even reached the halfway point.

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    I just didn t care for this book I am not a fan of westerns though It seemed to ramble and wonder around Someone who likes westerns may enjoy it.

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    This story just didn t capture my attention I know this is someone s baby but I just lost interest in this book I tried to stick with it, but it just wasn t meant to be.

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