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The Stalker chapter 1 The Stalker , meaning The Stalker , genre The Stalker , book cover The Stalker , flies The Stalker , The Stalker 6696baf05edb1 Deep In The Bowels Of The Dark, Desolate Warehouse, The Terror Lay Waiting It Had Waited For A Hundred Years It Could Wait A Few Days And When The Boy Came So Young, So Blissfully Ignorant Of The Twisted, Dark Secrets He Disturbed It Would Embrace Him With Sickening Perfume And Breathe Unspeakable Horrors Into His Ear.Lewis Knew That Something In That Place Wanted Him Wanted To Crawl Into His Mind It Knew His Innermost Fears And Could Twist His Soul With Its Demented Whispering But Most Terrifying Of All Was That Even As He Ran Screaming From Its Grasp, He Knew He Would Have To Go Back

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