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The Feral (The last Line Book One) pdf The Feral (The last Line Book One), ebook The Feral (The last Line Book One), epub The Feral (The last Line Book One), doc The Feral (The last Line Book One), e-pub The Feral (The last Line Book One), The Feral (The last Line Book One) dcabc3c0a44 It S Brains And Bullets Against Magic And Monsters In This Action Packed Military Fantasy Special Forces With State Of The Art Hardware And Tech, Battling Against A Supernatural Invasion They Are Our Last Line Of Defense Against The Horrors In The Dark Meet The Rag Tag Soldiers Of Empire One, Struggling To Fight A Secret War For What It Means To Be Human Their Aims Are Simple Get In, Get The Job Done, Get Home Alive Don T Get Eaten.Easier Said Than Done.The War On Terror Just Got Supernatural, And Nobody Expected Monsters To Turn Up In Broad Daylight.LETHAL MAGIC Is The First Book In The Series, A Fantasy Set In The Contemporary World Of Terrorism, Espionage And Modern Warfare, Where Myth, Magic And Monsters Are Horrifyingly Real.

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    ActionLots of action and good dark fantasy to keep you reading and wondering what next, if you like action and fantasy this will get your attention and drag you into the world of this author.

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    Review Originally Posted At FictionForesightIn accordance with current FTC Guidelines, please let it be known this book was received in exchange for a fair and honest review.The Feral is an accounting of an elite and clandestine unit of the UK s Special Forces, called Empire One Like the rest of UKSF, Major Thom Usher and his team deal in reconnaissance, counter terrorism, hostage situations, etc What sets them apart is their specific enemy, as covert as Special Task Group STG Empire One themselves, an organization with footholds in anti government operations around the globe The Unseelie Court Fairies I hear you say The most dangerous military regiment in the UK fights fairies In short, yes But in long not at all This is not a fairy tale, it is a horror story These Fae are twisted, nefarious, and beastly They have spent centuries coming through thin spots between our realm and theirs, snarling their malevolent fingers into the threads of human history, trying to grab hold And they are finally succeedin...

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    He took a few beatings for it, his drunken father calling him a wastrel, but Isaac knew life was about beatings and tempering, like hardening steel.Isaac did not understand how in modern time people managed to put an invisible barrier between themselves and horror using nothing but a smartphone, but it seemed to work in countless tragedies of recent times.As long as you re watching it on a screen it isn t real.As they desperately mumbled some final pleading prayer to the lord of whatever gospels they followed, Usher usually gave them his own good news with both barrels.After so many years of deniable missions, compromised morality and putrid violence, Usher s conscience was a battered and starved legionnaire, broken down and rebuilt from scratch, who did not usually speak until spoken to.It severed two of them in half with one swipe, spattering the gleaming walls in dark gore, and spilling metres of intestines onto the floor like discarded rubber tubing.This is super hard for me to write There were parts of this book I really liked, and there were parts I didn t It was such a swing from one side to another that I ended up just bumping ...

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    Writing Style 4.5 5Jenkins brilliant wove together humor, suspense, and heart pounding action The Feral is a book that doesn t take itself too seriously, yet isn t afraid to explore some deeper truths Though the book is rather violent, the author used the violence well.The Characters 4.5 5Jenkins created an ensemble cast that is relatable and well rounded Even the antagonists are likable at times Though the genre and choice of an ensemble cast left me wanting to know a few of the characters a little better, Jenkins kept me engaged throughout to the point that I found myself growing attached to the characters.The Plot 4.5 5The plot of The Feral is somewhat relentless This pacing is mostly a good thing as it makes for a book that is difficult to put down A few breaks scattered throughout the story might have allowed for character development, but it was an excellent read regardless.Overall 4.5 5I thoroughly enjoyed The ...

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    The Feral by David Elias Jenkins was exactly what I expected it to be, plus much You immediately find yourself cheering for the good guys Jenkins does a great job describing each character and each scene It was like watching a movie while...

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    good but hoped for a little

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