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Quinn Security chapter 1 Quinn Security , meaning Quinn Security , genre Quinn Security , book cover Quinn Security , flies Quinn Security , Quinn Security fbc2b5e171f01 Devil S Fist, Wyoming Might Be Nestled In The Foothills Of Majestic And Peaceful Yellowstone National Park, But This Quaint, Storybook Town Is Far From Peaceful, And The Five Men Who Run Quinn Security Brothers Troy, Kaleb, Shane, Conor, And Dean Know Exactly Why Their Town Is Under Attack By A Rogue Shifter, And This Time, Their Werewolf Senses Might Not Be Enough To Restore The Peace TROY The Eldest Quinn Might Look Thirty Five, But He S Walked The Tetons, Great Plains, And Now Yellowstone For A Century Having Served His Country In Three Separate Wars, Shifting Both Aliases And Appearances, Alike Troy Can Turn Wolf By The Light Of A Full Moon And Shift Back In The Blink Of An Eye This Towering And Tatted Alpha Has Inherited The Quinn Throne, The Clan Of Which Has Been Operating Hidden In Devil S Fist Since The First Native American Took His Last Breath But When A Shy, Bookish Woman By The Name Of Reece Gladstone Becomes A Target After Her Co Worker Is Brutally Murdered, Troy Must Untangle His Complicated Feelings For The Librarian, Feelings That Have Been Percolating, Unrepressed Yet Denied For Years, And Use Every Shifting Trick In The Book To Keep Her Safe KALEB Kaleb Quinn, The Second Eldest Of The Quinn Clan, Likes His Women Like He Likes His Meat Raw And Juicy But Recently, His Playboy Approach Has Been Stilted And Much To His Chagrin, But Not Because The Rumors Have Caught Up To Him In His Dreams, An Ethereal Woman With Flowing Blonde Hair And A Distinct Darkness Behind Her Twinkling Eyes Has Been Creeping In And Overpowering His Subconscious Kaleb Knows What It Means, And Who She Is His One True Mate Who He S Never Met In The Flesh But As Danger Closes In, It Seems That All Of His Dreams Are Quickly Turning Into A Nightmare He Can T Escape Lucy Cooper Has A Reputation, As Well, But It S Far From Flattering The Slender Diner Waitress Has Seen The Dark, Rogue Shifter Up Close And Personal, But The Sheriff S Take On The Matter, Which The Residents Have Also Adopted, Is That She S On Drugs And Not To Be Trusted Nothing Could Be Further From The Truth, But When A Body Turns Up Dead In Her Apartment, There S Only One Man In Town Who Believes Her Innocence Kaleb Quinn SHANE The War Might Have Ended Overseas, But Shane Quinn Never Came Back From It Not Mentally A Loner To The Bone, With Battle Scars Peppered Across His Ripped Physique, Shane Walks The Streets Like Dry Ice Wafting Over Cold Steel A Smile Hasn T Cracked His Hardened Exterior In All The Years His Brothers Have Known Him, The Running Joke Being That He Was Born Angry And Ready To Annihilate But When The Sheriff S Daughter, Whitney Abernathy Storms Into His Life, Shane Finds Himself Disarmed By Her Fiery Spirit Given The Bodyguard S Fighting Nature, This Poses A Serious Problem CONOR Conor Quinn Knows That Everlasting Immortality For Any Werewolf Hinges Upon Their Eternal Union With Their One True Mate Three Of His Four Brothers Have Found Safety In Having Bonded To Their Destined Mates, Now Functioning With Fearless Presence And Power Conor Finds Himself Compelled, On A Mission To Connect With His Own But Just Because The Determined, Former Marine And Secret Werewolf Has Chosen Rachel Clancy To Be His One True Mate, Doesn T Mean That S Their Destiny Or Does It DEAN The Youngest Of The Quinn Clan, Dean Puts His Love Of Devil S Fist Before All Else Rugged And Handsome, The Tall, Brooding Werewolf Is Heavily Tatted And Deeply Scarred And There S Nothing He Hates Than A Spoiled Rich Girl.

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