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    Four, a man aspiring to be an automaton, and assigned co worker, Nine pave a road across a war devastated countryside Nine is of a plant out of place He shouldn t be there Or as Four thinks Four had never met this man, and did not think himself capable of prophecy, but in a instant he knew Nine was an agent of chaos and would make the difficult work ahead far so Lasting impressions will be the health aide worker who doesn t want to...

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    Paving the Road to HellWhat is the authentic measure of a human being his commitments to an important goal or his responses to unforeseen circumstances Commitments are professional responses are personal Commitments are often contractual responses are usually not obligatory, especially when they may require criminality as well as ingenuity.The question becomes even intriguing when the people involved do not know each other, not even by name And when both commitments and ad hoc responses are contained, as it were, in some larger system of commitments and responses whose real purpose is unknown Is it even possible to speak of moral responsibility of any sort in such circumstances The Parade is a variation on the stylistic devices of Kafka s Castle, Buzzati s The Tartare Steppe and Coetzee s Waiting for the Barbarians No one has a name, only a designation The location is threatening but not overtly violent The reader is permanently stuck in medias res, waiting for the resolution of a mystery which hasn t been stated Motivations are unclear except for the notions of duty and personal aff...

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    What are we to make of his slight new novel, The Parade, a tale of Western assistance in the developing world The story opens in an unnamed country that has recently emerged from civil war To reunify this broken land, an international company has been hired to build a highway connecting the rural south to the urban north In two weeks, when the work is done, the president will hold a parade to demonstrate his nation s new era of peace and prosperity All that remains is to pave and paint this 150 mile road That job will be accomplished by a single gargantuan machine driven by one man, assisted by another man who drives ahead to keep the path clear Completing the job from start to finish is the whole plot of The Parade For security reasons, the two men entrusted with this work don t give their names, identifying themselves only by numbers The driver of the giant paving machine is Four, an experienced construction worker who holds strictly to every company policy, particularly the rule prohibiting interaction...

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    In an unamed countryrecovery from the civil war marred with corruption and burdened by a new lawless government.two men named Four and Nine security company pseudonyms , are on a 12 day assignment to repair a road before a planned parade by the President, known for political theater.Both of these men were anonymous and of little value other than do their job Four dishes out the important tasks He s the boss Serious responsible most experienced sixty three different assignments in all Four could be counted on to complete any job on time or early He didn t earn the nickname, clock for no reason He tells Nine If you find a significant surface variation, you aretasked with filling it in before the RS 80 arrives, and if the variation is too large to fix, you will have to radio me, or come back to me in person Then we canassess whether we power down to fix the ano...

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    Two probably American contractors have to pave a new road across the blighted, war torn landscape of a Third World shithole probably in Africa so the new regime can have a parade on it A novel about road paving And it s as exciting to read as it sounds I like Dave Eggers but his books set in Africa the Middle East are, for whatever reason, turrible I hoped Eggers would take the mundane setup and do something interesting with it no way could the book be so determinedly dull but, nope, it really is simply a portrayal of everyday engineering work in a desolate country Crikey I still tried to see what Eggers was trying to say if anything The two contractors are Four and Nine for security reasons they don t know each other s real names Four is stoic and professional who puts his head down and gets on with the job Nine is reckless and irresponsible, shirking his duties and nearly getting killed Was this a metaphor for life the road being paved is life and you can choose to walk along it not taking risks like Four but ultimately have an uneventful ...

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    Don t you see It s like a parade before the real parade This is one of hope A procession of longing Dave Eggers sets the wheels turning in this one He sets his storyline within the margins of an unnamed country ravaged by war for over ten years Peace is a construct served up by the government under questionable circumstances A road is to be laid out connecting the north to the south for the first time in forever A parade of celebration will be take place after completion.Eggers never quite labels anything in this newest offering We assume that the said country may, indeed, be in Africa with two men from Western countries set to pave the road Their private names and that of their particular countries and company are sealed as well We will come to know the supervisor strictly as Four His assistant bears the name of Nine Four will be manning the RS 80 that lays down the surface of the road Nine s job will be to drive a smaller vehicle ahead that checks for any obstructions Supplies, food, tents, and weapons have been packed inside the RS 80 and each compartment will be locked with a separate key Sounds pretty ship shape Not so fastFour is built with a mechanical mindset almost as rigid as the RS 80 itself He s a solely by the book kind of guy who adheres to company policy like a steel vice Four has a low threshold when it comes to tolerance We know nothing of his background story or his life before taking on this position From the ...

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    Excellent, the man said, walking briskly and squinting into the distance With a road like this, now it is possible to make plans Dave Eggers is a writer of the modern moral parable Yet often his moralizing can be somewhat simplistic or otherwise heavy handed like a Sunday school marm looking disapprovingly upon the children for no particular reason As I read The Parade I began to think Eggers had finally found his stride and was becoming a bit nuanced in his parables until I hit this book s bizarre end.Two men of radically different dispositions, going by the code names Four and Nine for reasons of security, have been tasked with paving a highway in an unnamed country that has just recently settled into an uneasy peace after an ugly civil war The highway, set to connect the prosperous capital in the north with the modest south, is seen by many as a harbinger for prosperity, linking people and markets to better health care and opportunities The road must be completed on time so that the President can hold a parade celebrating the country s newfound peace and reunification.Four is a man of schedules and time frames He puts his head down and gets to work He s done sixty or so of these projects, and all he wants to do is get the job done as quickly as possible and go home This is Nine s first project, on the other hand, and he is there for the experience he takes every opportunity to engage with locals on the route drinking, eating, playing...

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    The premise is simple enough a pair of western contractors have been sent to an unnamed country that has been ravaged by years of civil war In this time of peace, they have been contracted to pave a road bridging the northern and southern regions of this country The story is narrated by Four, the older and experienced of the two men Four intends to carry out this job has he has every assignment before, but Nine throws a wrench in that As Four keeps his head down and his gaze fixed on the finish line, Nine soaks up the landscape and the hospitality of locals.The Parade chugs along at a steady pace I wouldn t characterize this as particularly suspenseful, but the book doesn t drag on Eggers leads you on with the promise of further intrigue and maybe, just maybe figuring out what this book is actually about It feels almost allegorical with the way he layers on the vagueness an unnamed company sending two men who go only by ps...

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    Four just wanted to do his job He operated a state of the art paver and he had a schedule to meet He was to pave a road that would connect two halves of a country, the rebels at one end and the modern city and army at the other end He was to keep to himself, not get involved, just do his duty and go home Nine had other ideas He was to ride ahead and remove anything that might hinder Four s advancement But Nine was a free spirit He chatted up the locals, ate at their fires and went to bed with their women He made connections Four couldn t control Nine If he reported Nine s misadventures it would make Four look bad Nine s behavior brought a crisis when he came down deathly ill, forcing Four to accept the help of locals to save his life.This short novel is an extended parable What interests me is that the title is not The Road or a reference to Four and Nine s divergent attitudes towards the people they met who have endured war but still offer hospitality No, it is called The Parade.Four s time schedule must be met because there is a parade scheduled by the general in the city at the other end of the road The road s completion is to be celebrated Four completely believes in the road s peaceable purpose of bringing progress to the rural bush folk He has bought the story of the celebration.The twisted, dark ending was almost expected In some ways, Four s faith in his supposed peaceful purpose recalled to mind another novel I...

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    3.5This was a pretty sharp and satirical short story about contract work in developing countries I appreciate Eggers and enjoy his tone and manages to say unexpected and profound things.

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The Parade summary pdf The Parade , summary chapter 2 The Parade , sparknotes The Parade , The Parade 0b0e677 From The Bestselling Author Of The Monk Of Mokha And The Circle Comes A Taut, Suspenseful Story Of Two Foreigners Role In A Nation S Fragile Peace.An Unnamed Country Is Leaving The Darkness Of A Decade At War, And To Commemorate The Armistice The Government Commissions A New Road Connecting Two Halves Of The State Two Men, Foreign Contractors From The Same Company, Are Sent To Finish The Highway While One Is Flighty And Adventurous, Wanting To Experience The Nightlife And People, The Other Wants Only To Do The Work And Go Home But Both Men Must Eventually Face The Absurdities Of Their Positions, And The Dire Consequences Of Their Presence With Echoes Of J M Coetzee And Graham Greene, This Timeless Novel Questions Whether We Can Ever Understand Another Nation S War, And What Role We Have In Forging Anyone S Peace.

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  • The Parade
  • Dave Eggers
  • 26 June 2017

About the Author: Dave Eggers

Dave Eggers is the author of ten books, including most recently Your Fathers, Where Are They And the Prophets, Do They Live Forever , The Circle and A Hologram for the King, which was a finalist for the 2012 National Book Award He is the founder of McSweeney s, an independent publishing company based in San Francisco that produces books, a quarterly journal of new writing McSweeney s Quarterly