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My Name Is Rand summary My Name Is Rand , series My Name Is Rand , book My Name Is Rand , pdf My Name Is Rand , My Name Is Rand 0afc4c1417 Fiction Erotica Gay Lesbian Studies Mapped Out On A Playing Field Of Ticklish Male Flesh, MY NAME IS RAND Follows A Young Man On His Search For The Ultimate Erotic Adventure Betrayed By His Own Skin Into A Helplessly Eroticized State, He Becomes A Captive Of A Bizarre Torture Camp Where Men Practice Extreme Tickling After Several Near Death Experiences He Stumbles Across A Hiding Place Where Several Desperate Men Plot Escape While Taking Physical Solace In Each Other Sweatily Detailed In Its Depiction Of Men Driven Over The Edge, This Nightmarish Novel Is A Bondage Epic, A Horror Comic, And A Totally Original Speculation On The Nature Of Time And Consciousness

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