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Finding Wisp (Finding Us, #2) summary Finding Wisp (Finding Us, #2) , series Finding Wisp (Finding Us, #2) , book Finding Wisp (Finding Us, #2) , pdf Finding Wisp (Finding Us, #2) , Finding Wisp (Finding Us, #2) 7ddf12228f I Don T Love YouThe Words Had Been Like A Knife Through The Heart, The Pain Spreading To Her Lungs And Ribboning Around Them So Tightly That The Simple Act Of Breathing Hurt But The Fact Of The Matter Was Despite The Ache In Her Chest, Wisp Could Still Breathe And If She Wants Any Chance At All Of Navigating Her New Life As Sloane The Daughter Of A Washington Senator Who Is Engaged To Some Rich Playboy She Has Never Even Met Before She Would Have To Do Her Best To Forget About Derek Forgetting Is The One Thing She Seems To Be Good At, After All And Anyway, The Stubborn Werebear Who Refuses To Acknowledge His Own Feelings Was Wisp S Problem She S Sloane Now And Sloane Has Her Own Issues Namely, Felix Rutherford The Man Who Her Father Claims To Be Her Handler Otherwise Known As The Man She Had Jumped Off A Cliff To Get Away From Of Course, It Would Probably Help If She Could Remember Why Or, You Know, Anything At All Or Even If She Could Get Through Just One Day Without Thinking Of The Man She Is Supposed To Be Wiping From Her Mind CompletelyI Don T Love YouWords Weren T Supposed To Sit In Your Gut Like Shrapnel, Digging Into Your Innards Until You Wondered How It Was You Weren T Bleeding To Death Especially Not When They Were Words You Had Said Maybe It Was Because They Had Been A Lie Regardless, Derek Is Determined To Live With His Decision To Send Wisp Away He Had Done It In A Bid To Protect Her, After All The First Selfless Act He Had Ever Committed In His Life Who Cares If Missing Her Causes His Every Muscle Every Bone To Ache Who Cares If He The Bear Is In A Constant State Of Agitation, Continuously Seeking Out The Remnants Of Wisp S Honey Scent That Cling Stubbornly To His Cabin, His Bed, The Insides Of His Nose Like It S A Damn Drug Derek Can Live With That What He Can T Live With Is Finding Out Who Exactly It Is He Gave Wisp Away To When Derek Discovers That Instead Of Protecting Wisp As He Had Intended, He Unknowingly Thrust Her Into Danger S Arms, He Will Do Anything Even If It Means Enlisting The Help Of His Reclusive Neighbor, Who Seems To Have His Own Unhealthy Obsession With The Girl To Get Her Back.

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