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You Left Early summary You Left Early , series You Left Early , book You Left Early , pdf You Left Early , You Left Early 907ac3d3a8 This Brutal, Beautiful Memoir From Award Winning Novelist Louisa Young Is A Heartbreaking Portrayal Of Love, Grief And The Merciless Grip Of Addiction.Louisa First Met Robert Lockhart When They Were Both 17 Their Stop Start Romance Lasted Decades, In Which Time He Became A Celebrated Composer And She, An Acclaimed Novelist Always Snapping At Their Heels Was Robert S Alcoholism, A Helpless, Ferocious Dependency That Affected His Personality Before Crippling And Finally, Despite Five Years Of Hard Won Sobriety, Killing Him.There Are A Million Love Stories, And A Million Stories Of Addiction This One Is Truly Transcendent It Is At Once A Compelling Portrait Of A Unique And Charismatic Man A Bittersweet Reflection On An All Consuming Love Affair And A Completely Honest And Incredibly Affecting Guide To How The Partner Of An Alcoholic Can Possibly Survive When The Disease Rips Both Their Lives Apart.This Is A Hugely Important Book Raw And Unflinching But Also Uplifting And Elegiac, It Should Be Essential Reading For Anybody Who S Ever Lost Someone They Loved.

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