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Appalachian Alchemy files Appalachian Alchemy , read online Appalachian Alchemy , free Appalachian Alchemy , free Appalachian Alchemy , Appalachian Alchemy 53454eba8 Life Is Different In Beattyville, Kentucky, A Never Was Town, One Of The Poorest In The State Most People Born There, Along The Shores Of The Kentucky River, Die On Those Same Banks For Marshall Merrick, Called Book By Just About Everyone He Knows, Reading Is An Escape, And A Salvation Beckoned Away From His Tiny Town By The Allure Of The World He Has Read About, His Desire To Escape His Circumstances Is Warred Upon By Poverty And His Obligations To The Tribal Lifestyle That Would Label Him A Traitor For His Ambition

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    I can t say this any clearly You need to read Appalachian Alchemy by Barlow Adams.Like many of the other books that have blown me away this year, it s from a new voice I hadn t read before and what I read was a magnificent combination of prose and storytelling.This is a beautiful book.It s beautiful, and it s so, so dirty Not in the erotic sense, but in the reality sense You see, Appalachian Alchemy is an exploration of poverty, family, society and circumstance and to be true in that sense, one must get dirty There s drugs, murder, love, violence, pride, sex and desperation abound in this book A yearning to be free, and a depiction of the helplessness one can feel when surrounded by a reality that you just can t break free of.Adams is almost Faulkner esque in the way he can tell a story The little nuances he imbues in the day to day lives of the characters build a reality that s easy to picture, though at times you may not want to Like the films, Out of the Furnace or The Place Beyond the Pines, Adams understands how to build a world you can t help but want to watch, and a main character you want to root for even though you have no idea if he ll ever break free of the chains of the existence he s born into.I m not about the summarize the book If you want to know what it s about, you can read that in the book s description What I will say is that if you are any sort of fan of literature, you owe it to yourself to read this book.Sadly, it s Barlow s only published book as of this writing and it s fairly short basically a novella I am eager to read from this man and will be one of the first in line when he releases another work.I m sure once you read this, you will be there with me.

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    Here s a charming slab of story that just keeps twisting As it opens, it seems to be a quiet coming of age tale a slice of life Kentucky fried and in many ways that remains the case throughout, but a primal violence seeps in there along the way and bloodies the water Well, it so happens that s my favorite kind of violence, so I was loving it.The tale spans from roughly age 10 to age 18 in the life of our protagonist, Marshall Book Merrick The son of a moonshiner in a brutally poor Kentucky river town, Book struggles to fit in not only with the other townsfolk but within his own family They drink and fight He reads and cries And yet the hard nosed sense of honor that the river folk prize above all else seems to have taken root in Book s heart just the same.It s this sense of honor that becomes the core of the book s central conflict Life beats up on Book pretty good It teaches him about death and pain and hard work But it also teaches him about love and identity and dreams of a better life In the end, these positive and negative values are at odds The stakes are life and death, and Book must choose who he really is, must decide how deeply the river has gotten into him.This book is loaded with great, entertaining writing I d put it on the literary shelf at the bookstore, although I think it has in common with John Steinbeck than the pretentious lit folk the care put into the prose, witty observations, and clever details is balanced with elements I d describe as visceral, accessible, and emotionally powerful I finished it in a day, too Great read.

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    Holy crap, what a loaded short story It took me a bit to get into but once I did, I couldn t think about much else The novella feels much older than it is being that it was published in 2017 Which has such an interesting appeal to me Barlow Adams manages to write with feeling and literary mechanisms so than most modern authors Book s main character story on the river is so intricate but simplified Even though he was so different, his situation remained the same Relentless cycle of poverty Grim cycle of traditions It s unbelievable And the mother f ing ending Holy potatoes.

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    It s not Moonshiners and it certainly ain t Deliverance Barlow Adams transcends hillbilly tropes to deliver an Appalachian coming of age novella with a mastery of voice that reveals the poetry and violence of those living along the Kentucky River Appalachian Alchemy is a pleasure to read though those who are squeamish might skip over the brutal passages Highly recommend.

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    A beautifully realistic portrayal of small town desperation There s a long history of misery attached to this little Kentucky town and its inhabitants a history where cops were little than hired thugs, used by outsiders to strip simple folk of everything but their pride This story is the fallout, a town full of victims who stick to their own twisted code of ethics to their own detriment, because even as that black river of misery swallows you up, you know exactly what to expect To the last sentence, I could hear Faulkner giving a soft clap from the great beyond.

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    A searing portrait of poverty, family ties, and the many ways we are borne back ceaselessly into the past, despite our best efforts.

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    This book is a masterpiece.I grew up not far from where this story takes place Mr Adams does an incredible job of capturing a region and a people that the economy left behind It s heartbreaking, funny and inspiring all at once Once I started it, I couldn t put it down It s poetry disguised as prose, and I hope this author writes many stories.

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    Interesting glimpse of life in Kentucky really pulls you into the story and keeps you going It s a quick and interesting read I could have done without the explicit sex scenes they weren t necessary to the story line and the only reason it wasn t 5 stars.

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    I encountered this author while skimming short, short tales on Twitter He captivated my imagination and taste for poetic words in just the few lines of a tweet His book explodes and expounds all of this from start to finish Ever since seeing Mud with Matt McConaughey, I have been slightly in love with the masculinity and simpleness of River Life Something about the depressing overshadow hold that poverty s darkness can bear on a soul mystifies, stymies and ravishes a part of my psyche Book is a super likeable protagonist The early losses he faces set the story up so well like a classic Western This will make such a great movie The command of language, atmosphere and wit are surprising for such a beginning crack at literary success This is a huge homerun for Adams, who is a courteous fellow from my brief interactions with him on the Tweet I suspect this land runs in his blood If not, then his story telling puts him in a sort of playing field with the likes of Daniel Day Lewis, who can wear whatever skins are needed The beauty of the book is the way it starts almost as a child s tale, but progresses to the murky avenue which adulthood often takes us My only two complaints, which weren t strong enough to keep this from 5 stars, were the extreme for my taste sex act details, and then the title If this is not already a book box office success, I suspect it could be the title which holds it back

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    Appalachian Alchemy is a very good book What could have been a cliched portrayal of hillbilly life and poverty porn can we please move on from Deliverance is masterfully diverted by Adams through his rich characters, especially in the inner life of Book With beautiful control over fluid prose and the regional language, Adams took this reader back to a place and story that is painfully familiar As a matter of fact, my familiarity with the subject of being an Appalachian was 100% satisfied with the truths in this fiction In some ways, the story is of the universal kind for those of us that want out of our seemingly predestined lives in the towns and places where our blood has scraped by and feuded for generations I never fault either the stayers or the goers In this case, Book might be lead or he might be water after all Either way, I enjoyed going on this journey with him I m going to read this book again Probably will read it again after that If Adams writes another book, you ll find me in line to read that as well This is a writer to watch.

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