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The Lieutenant's Belle (The Montgomery Family Series, #2) txt The Lieutenant's Belle (The Montgomery Family Series, #2), text ebook The Lieutenant's Belle (The Montgomery Family Series, #2), adobe reader The Lieutenant's Belle (The Montgomery Family Series, #2), chapter 2 The Lieutenant's Belle (The Montgomery Family Series, #2), The Lieutenant's Belle (The Montgomery Family Series, #2) 8a550d Lady Isabella Montgomery Is An Adventurer At Heart While Other Young Ladies Are Looking Forward To The London Season, She Longs To Set Out On A Grand Tour Despite Her Vehement Objections, Lady Isabella Is About To Embark On Her Second Season As The Only Daughter Of The Duke And Duchess Of Linwood, She S Expected To Marry A Titled Gentleman And Give Birth To His Heir When Fate Intervenes On The Road To London, She Discovers Love And Adventure Are Not Mutually Exclusive Lieutenant John Armitage Wasn T Trying To Be Anyone S Knight In Shining Armor He Certainly Never Intended To Open His Heart To A Duke S Daughter In A Society Where Matches Between Aristocrats And The Lower Classes Are Frowned Upon, His Heart Wants Only Lady Isabella Will He Be Able To Woo And Win Her Before Another Gentleman Captures Her Heart Forever

About the Author: Natasha Lockhart

Natasha Lockhart is the pen name for a former primary school teacher After completing eleven years as an educator, she decided to pursue her dream of being a writer Her love of historical novels began in fourth grade when she was introduced to the books of Laura Ingalls Wilder Since then, Natasha has been time travelling through literature and enjoying every minute of it Her obsession with romance novels came years later after a couple of less than satisfying relationships Books detailing the happily ever afters of fictional characters were like an oasis in the desert during her single years Natasha is now happily married and the mother of two precocious daughters and one laid back son When she s not writing or tending to her husband s demands, she works as an on call chauffeur, personal assistant, and cheerleader for her three children I ve heard it said by a few Goodreads members that authors should not review booksthat it s somehow a conflict of interest I respectfully disagree I was a reader long before I sat in front of my laptop to pen a story On the one hand, I can see how getting a negative review from a bestselling author could crush a newbie or a less successful author It is therefore good that the overwhelming majority of the chart toppers don t write book reviews Oh, we ve all seen endorsement quotes on book covers to help a fellow writer sell a book I m not talking about that I m talking about a regular review on Goodreads orOn the other hand, I believe anyone who purchases a book has the right to express their opinions about that book Anyone who puts themselves out there in the public eye should be prepared to handle criticism and praise Having said that, since I read farbooks each year than I write, I will continue to review books I respect the hard work of each author whose work I read I am never critical to be malicious If I don t like something, I just don t like it If I enjoy something, I praise it Should the day ever come that I feel my success warrants my stepping back from writing book reviews, I will do that Until thenHere s my simple system for rating books Five stars Perfection A Masterpiece All the boxes in my What Constitutes a Good Book list were checked off Very rarely do I come across a five star book It s hard as hell to create something that s so masterfully written it will wow an avid reader In my opinion, less than 10% of writers fall in this category Only a handful of authors in my favorite genre, Romance, ever manage to hit this mark Most of us have learned the hard way that just because an author writes one amazing book does not necessarily mean the books that follow it will be just as good I think five star ratings are given out too freely Just my opinion Feel free to disagree Four starsReally good With a few tweaks, it would be damn near perfect I want to readfrom this author Three starsGood story I loved the premise, but something failed in the execution One or both of the main characters were unlikable Instalove Get out of here Instalust Not cool unless the book is categorized as Erotica Two starsJust meh The plot didn t hold my attention I forced myself to finish the book I didn t hate it, but I wouldn t recommend it to another reader One starRiddled with distracting spelling and grammatical errors The plot is severely disjointed and doesn t flow smoothly Whoever published this book has shown a blatant lack of respect for the reader.I ve gotten much better at selecting books I don t think I ll ever rate a book one star again.

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