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At the Pulpit explained At the Pulpit , review At the Pulpit , trailer At the Pulpit , box office At the Pulpit , analysis At the Pulpit , At the Pulpit af42 At The Pulpit Showcases The Tradition Of Latter Day Saint Women S Preaching And Instruction By Presenting 54 Speeches Given From 1831 To 2016, With Selections From Every Decade Since The Founding Of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints The Discourses, Given By Women Both Well Known And Obscure, Represent Just Some Of The Many Contributions Of Women To Latter Day Saint Thought In Addition To Being A Scholarly History, At The Pulpit Is Intended As A Resource For Contemporary Latter Day Saints As They Study, Speak, Teach, And Lead These Discourses Allow Readers To Hear The Historical And Contemporary Voices Of Latter Day Saint Women Voices That Resound With Experience, Wisdom, And Authority.

  • Hardcover
  • 452 pages
  • At the Pulpit
  • Jennifer Reeder
  • English
  • 20 June 2018
  • 9781629722825

About the Author: Jennifer Reeder

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the At the Pulpit book, this is one of the most wanted Jennifer Reeder author readers around the world.

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    I do consider myself a feminist Not a in your face women are better than men let s march and protest women need the priesthood type of feminist But, I do believe that the church wouldn t be as successful without its female leaders We have a really important duty in the church no matter what church you belong to I even wrote a short series about women in the scriptures for She Teaches Fearlessly before moving, pregnancy, and other issues got in the way So, when I saw that this book had 185 years worth of discourses from prominent women in the LDS Church, I was thrilled to be able to read it.It is set up so simply Each chapter is one woman s discourse There is a short contextual biography of the woman and the talk she gave before the actual excerpt Then, there is an excerpt or full text of her sermon, poetry, hymn, or letter And that s something else that I really l...

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    I loved reading and studying the important words of women from our church history and present day Recently a friend mentioned that she thought it would be wonderful if one year the lesson manual for Relief Society and Priesthood classes was a compilation of talks from the female general auxiliary presidents I agreed, and soon after I was presented with the opportunity to review this book, which is just what we had been thinking about, but even better since it also includes women who are not well known but have an interesting history and poignant testimony It strengthened my own testimony to read such a wide variety of talks, rich with gospel principles, gratitude for the Relief Society, and strong examples of enduring and overcoming hardship Each individual s brief background is set forth before their address and I especially appreciated it for the historical context as well as instilling a feeling of admiration for the woman whose words I was about to read Each discourse is significant in some way and I felt edified by each.One of my favorites was An Elevation So High Above the Ordinary given by Eliza R Snow in 1872, where she encourages the women in regards to both spiritual and intellectual edification, as well as the necessary develop...

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    This is one of the most inspiring collection of talks that I have ever read A must read for any LDS woman Each discourse includes a brief preface with biographical information on each speaker that is as intriguing as the talks themselves These are such gifted y...

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    Women have always had an important place and role in the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints I have enjoyed these talks given by women through the years at important women s meetings, firesides, education weeks, conferences, and general conferences of the church I have been very impressed with the education, the intellect, the deep thinking, the vocabulary, and the spirituality of these women, particularly the women in the pioneer days of...

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    It s no secret to any of my friends that my reading choices tend toward the fictional Picking up a book of religious discourses is not typical for me However, this book felt so important, and the reading of it was so inspiring, that I was happy about my foray into less typical realms I d like to suggest that you will be, too.At the Pulpit provides, as suggested, a look at women whose words have been delivered over pulpits of one form or other during the past 185 years of church history This is a critical perhaps essential book to read, then, as finding women s voices in church history can be difficult and discouraging, and the reading of them proves that having this access is necessary and nourishing The structure of the book is straightforward, functional, and accessible The discourses are arranged chronologically, each is prefaced with biographical and historical information, and the end notes show the thorough research spent on each There is also a comprehensive index, which will make this volume an excellent resource when writing talks, giving lessons, or seeking f...

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    I will second what a friend told me because it was soo true Some of the material from the 1800 s is rough going, but it really picked up 1900 and beyond No joke I wanted to share almost every single talk I read It s the same gospel, but as a woman it fed my soul to read these talks written by my sisters.I very much appreciate the editors efforts to include voices from minority women, converts, women without high position, and women from outside of the United States Some favorites included the discourses by Ardeth Kapp, Elsie Talmadge Brandley, Linda Burton, Judy Brummer, Virginia Pearce, Francine Bennion, and Sheri Dew The...

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    At the Pulpit 185 Years of Discourses by Latter Day Saint Women is a valuable addition to the growing corpus of LDS literature for a number of reasons and this assessment is from a male member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints sometimes called the Mormon Church.First, it represents the first collection of which I m aware that contains, in chronological order, discourses by LDS women from the founding of the Church in 1830 I found it fascinating to follow the evolution of women s voices in the Church from mid 19th century near dismissal to the status of full partnership they have today, from domestic and feminine concerns to insightful and practical theological discussions The biographical information introducing each speaker and the context in which the words of the speaker were delivered allows for a rare exploration of the contribution women have made to the LDS Church, American society, and the world over the past 185 years The notes that take up a substantial portion of the end of the book contain information that deepens and expands that exploration.While this book contains solid scholarly research into the context of each talk, the talks can be read and enjoyed for their own merits I shouldn t have been surprised by the insights the sisters have brought to the gospel conversation, but I was Surprises are often in this book Consider Eliz...

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    Excellent on all accounts I read an essay every day or so over the course of many months They were always interesting, insightful, and frequently uplifting as I considered their life and the times in which they lived I love reading about the life o...

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    At the Pulpit 185 Years of Discourses by Latter day Saint Women validates how women in the Church have responded to the call to speak up and speak out, to expound scripture, exhort the church, and give voice to the fire in the bones This unique, first of its kind publication will hopefully not be the last compilation of soul stirring messages spoken from women s faithful hearts The historical backgrounds that shaped the speakers lives and thoughts make a significant contribution to this work The selected messages show both similarities and differences in the challenges and opportunities women in the Church have faced through the ages and in different countries as membership has expanded worldwide The book captures the humor, spunk, humanity and humility, as well as the intelligence and courage of each speaker, whether she be a shy new member mentione...

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    What a piece of work After reading this book it s clear that numerous hours of work went into creating it and it shows Discourses by female leaders in the LDS Church The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints combine to make this a tour de force Not only are the talks powerful doctrinally, but they also give a glimpse into different times and places and how things have both changed and stayed the same over time All of these women made a difference during the times in which they lived Some of these women I remember myself Reading this was both eye opening and informative I especially think the timing on the release of this book can t be an accident With some questioning women s role in the Church, I couldn t be pleased with this book that clearly demonstrates the strong and ongoing role that women have in the LDS Church This is the sort of book that co...

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