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Skinhead Nation download Skinhead Nation , read online Skinhead Nation , kindle ebook Skinhead Nation , Skinhead Nation 26251fd49465 As A Lot Of People Reading This Will Already Know, The First Book Published By S.T Publishing Was Spirit Of 69 A Skinhead Bible Back In 1991 Originally, A Mainstream Publisher In London Was Going To Release It, But After A Few Months Of Pissing Me About, I Decided To Do It Myself I Wrote Spirit Of 69 A Skinhead Bible Not Because I Think I M Some Sort Of Expert On Skinheads, But Because I Passionately Believed That The History Of The Cult, Warts And All, Had To Be Written From The Inside The Idea Behind Spirit Of 69 Was To Offer A View Of The Cult From Within, And One So Detailed That It Would Stand Proud Amidst The Reams And Reams Of Complete Nonsense That Have Been Written About Skinheads Over The Years The End Result Was A Book That Covered The History Of The Cult And Its Music From The Late Sixties To The Present Day, And One That Celebrated The Skinhead Way Of Life Without Dodging Any Issues Or Pulling Any Punches It Isn T Perfect, But Is Now Acknowledged As The Most Accurate Guide To The Cult Currently Available, And Certainly Comes Far Closer To The Truth Than Countless Newspaper Headlines Have Ever Done.Skinhead Nation Is In Many Ways Both A Companion To Spirit Of 69 And An Opportunity To Concentrate On The Individuals That Make Up The Cult, Rather Than The Events And Music That Have Shaped Its History The Hope Is That Skinhead Nation Will Show Skinheads As The Individuals They Are, And Celebrate The Skinhead Cult As It Was In Various Parts Of The World In The Mid 1990s Like Spirit Of 69, Skinhead Nation Is Far From A Complete Guide To The Skinhead Way Of Life And It S Not Perfect, But Again I Ve Done My Best, And If Just One Person Reads This And Walks Away With A Better Understanding Of The Skinhead Cult Then It Has Been Worth Doing.