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Four Studies in Loyalty files Four Studies in Loyalty, read online Four Studies in Loyalty, free Four Studies in Loyalty, free Four Studies in Loyalty, Four Studies in Loyalty e7f049fd7 Christopher Sykes S New Book Will Bring Great Delight To Lovers Of The Short Biography In A Swift And Easy Style The Author Shows A Sympathetic Penetration Into Character And A Humour At Once Compassionate And Irresistible Unlike Most Artists In This Form, He Has Not Gone For His Subjects To Or Less Remote History, But To His Own Direct Experience To This The Only Exception Is The Portrait Of His Uncle, A Magnificent Victorian Dandy Who Gave His All, His Heart As Well As His Fortune, To The Service Of His Prince After Him Comes The Persian Whom The Author Met Decaying In The Exotic Isfahn Still Dreaming Of The Spires Of Oxford And The Quad At Balliol, Those Dubious Memories To Which His Soul Remained Attached Through All Change And Degradation His Is Followed By The Longest And Most Intimate Study Of The Book, That Of The Gifted And Ill Fated Robert Byron, Whom The Author Accompanied On His Wandering Across Asia The Last Essay Described The French, Amongst Whom Christopher Sykes Lived When Dropped By Parachute Behind German Lines In The Vosges In The Autumn Of

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