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  • Hardcover
  • 688 pages
  • The Emperor's Bones
  • Adam Williams
  • English
  • 14 December 2017
  • 9780340828168

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    It s taken me 9 months 10 days to finish reading this book and it s nothing compared to the historical background and description Mr Williams offers in this book When you have a story that s 736 pages long and is told over a decade set in a country on the verge of a revolution, then reading it one sitting must count for something right I m glad I took my time, cast the book aside and then returned to it, taking in as much as I could before doing something else.About the book Beautiful, headstrong and unconventional, Catherine Cabot is 20 years old when she arrives in China Against an uneasy political background, a bittersweet triangular love affair develops between Catherine, Edmund and George Airton and, all the while, she tries to uncover the truth behind her past.I loved the writing style, the long paragraphs the description of the characters and essentially though set in a period of war, opium trade, and espionage, this felt like The heroine of the tale is Catherine Cabot, but she s got one friend Yu Fu Kuei too who I felt did help bring out Catherine s quick thinking and make her calculative in tryi...

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    The sequel to The Palace of Heavenly Pleasure, which was set in 1899 China Read the first novel while on sabbatical in Beijing, where I had a chance to hear an entertaining talk by the author, an Englishman whose family had lived and worked in China from the 1890 Though not a great fan on historical fiction, I rather enjoyed The Palace of Heavenly Pleasure, a guilty pleasure a bit like watching Korean historical drama The sequel is set in the battle between warlords in the 1920s It has a large cast of British, Chinese, and Japanese characters, ranging from villainous to venial, foolish to heroic I was within 130 pages of finishing but got put off by the rape and torture Decided to give it one try, easier once past the Nanking Outrage a...

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    The Emperors Bonesby Adam WilliamsPublished in 2006 by Hodder Paperbacks, Hodder and Stoughton LondonISBN 9 780340 8281521Adam Williams author of The Palace of Heavenly Pleasure, The Dragon s Tail and The Book of the Alchemist is the fourth generation in his family living and working in China.The Emperors Bones, is a well researched, historical epic novel written by an author who has first hand knowledge of the psyche and customs of this intriguing land He has interwoven fact and fiction, taken someone s ordinary life and thrown it into a tumble washer dryer then added a laundry list of political treachery, barbaric responses by arrogant, egocentric, power hungry warlords and revolutionaries to discover the emperors bones The story takes place in Northern China in places like Shanghai, Harbin, Tientsin, Peitiho, Mukden and Dairen If you ve not heard of these places you ll love the maps at the front of the book to help you navigate your way around this huge country.There is a prologue, ...

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    English review below Ik vond dit boek minder leuk dan de vorige Hoewel er zeker nog spannende dingen gebeuren, vond ik het langzamer lezen en vond ik het moeilijk om er doorheen te komen De politieke bewegingen spelen een grotere rol in dit boek dan in de vorige, en de auteur probeert dingen uit te leggen, maar het was nog steeds te ingewikkeld voor mij plus, ik vond de Chinese Japanse namen moeilijk om te onthouden, hoe stom dat ook klinkt Sommige personages vond ik leuk, maar andere voelde ik niets voor, en andere personages uit het vorige boek die ik daar wel leuk vond, vond ik hier minder leuk Er is minder overdreven seksueel geweld dan in het vorige boek als ik me goed herinner, maar het is nog steeds een donker boek Alles bij elkaar is het geen slecht boek, maar te gecompliceerd voor mij, en met te weinig personages die me wat deden I enjoyed this book less than the previous one While definitely some exciting things still happen, I had the feeling the pacing was slower and I had difficulty getting through it The political movements played a bigger role in this book than in the previous one, and while the author...

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    Epic read Epilogue is fascinating Found structure tricky as multiple story lines running concurrently and each chapter takes about 90 minutes to read Just felt like too much story for a single book Reminds me of Wild Swans in terms of being an epic.

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    I should probably start off by saying this is way outside of my usual genre I do enjoy historical fiction from time to time, but this was verging on literary in its style and I didn t get on with it at all in fact I DNF d it at roughly halfway 326 pages.I found it a very densely written book, with long sentences, long paragrahs, long passages of description without break Unfortuantely, though there were clearly some interesting things happening around the characters, they were described with the same detachment as the settings or the history interludes To be fair, much of the description was very lyrically and beautifully written, but there was so much of it became unbeliveably wearing I couldn t engage with any of the characters because we were so often told what they thought, felt and did by the authorly voice of authority rather than really experiencing how they were affected by the events surrounding them When actual dialogue was involved, they had distinct, vivid voices but it was such a small portion of their time on page, it wasn t enoug...

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    I found the historical background of the novel quite magical set in the 19th Century and the storyline kept me interested throughout the whole novel The characters were well developed and you could easily be drawn into the storyline, becoming one of the characters easily.You can easily get the sense that the author has a deep knowledge and understanding of the country and also as we read this novel, we get educated in the politics of China in the 1920s You see that the author has done thorough...

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    Normalmente me gustan los libros de ese estilo, al principio me enganch es decir, que os voy a decir era un tema que me gustaba Pero no pude encajar con los protagonistas, se que es una tonter a ya que las protagonistas son distintas a esas damas en apuros que se ven en muchos libros, pero esta vez no, esta vez he podido conseguir pasar de la p gina 200 me parece que l...

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    This is a big book but do not let that put you off The story revolves around Catherine and her journey in China It takes in the brits in China and the unrest surrounding China in the 19th century It is very well written, the characters are so well drawn tha...

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    The historical background was fascinating and kept me interested all the way through, but I would have enjoyed the book if I hadn t disliked the characters so much.

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The Emperor's Bonescharacters The Emperor's Bones, audiobook The Emperor's Bones, files book The Emperor's Bones, today The Emperor's Bones, The Emperor's Bones c692a Beautiful, Headstrong And Unconventional, Catherine Cabot Is Twenty Years Old When She Arrives In China.Against An Uneasy Political Background A Bittersweet, Triangular Love Affair Develops Between Catherine And Edmund And George Airton And All The While, She Is Trying To Uncover The Truth Of Her Past, Unaware Of The Danger This Might Pose To Her Who Is Henry Manners, The Mysterious Man Who Once Wrote To Her Mother, And Who She Knows Now Lives In China Running In Parallel Is The Extraordinary Story Of Yu Fu Kuei, A Chinese Revolutionary Working As A Communist Spy She And Catherine Met When They Were At Oxford Immediately After The Great War, And The Friendship Is Deep And Permanent.As The Japanese Mass Themselves On The Borders, Waiting For An Excuse To Invade, Catherine, Ignorant Of A History Steeped In Hatred, Unwittingly Becomes The Perfect Tool To Settle The Scores Of Two Men Who Will Stop At Nothing To Wreak Their Revenge And Yu Fu Kuei Discovers That Love Might Be The Strongest Weapon That Any Warrior Has.

About the Author: Adam Williams

The son of a Hong Kong Taipan, Adam Williams was born and raised in Asia, though educated in the United Kingdom His family has been in China since the 1880s and he has fulfilled his destiny by joining Jardine Matheson and rising to head its operations in China as well as those of Jardine Fleming He has undertaken an expedition by camel into the heart of the Taklamaken Desert to seek the lost cit