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Personalized Pd summary Personalized Pd , series Personalized Pd , book Personalized Pd , pdf Personalized Pd , Personalized Pd f43c3819a8 What Should Professional Development Look Like Can All Teachers Get Exactly What They Need How Do We Energize Every Individual To Realize Their Full Potential Personalized PD Flipping Your Professional Development Helps Answer These Questions And Seven Authors From Throughout The United States Start From The Accurate Premise That Teachers Are Learners Like All Learners, Teachers Learn At Different Paces And Start In Different Places Personalized PD Meets All Educators Where They Are And Seeks To Help Each Individual Move Forward At Their Own Pace And Toward Self Determined Goals It S How Teachers Can Get What They Individually Need So They Can Be Even Better For Their Students The Authors Take You Through Their Experiences While Giving You Their Best Pro Tips And Most Useful Technology Tools They Ll Save You Time And Research By Pointing You In The Right Direction Right Now Each Chapter Gives You A Window Into How These Practicing Educators Execute Their Plan To Get Every Teacher What They Need And Move Each Individual Toward Their Own Plan Of Learning Plus, Short Vignettes Expand On And Go Deeper Into The Most Useful Tools And Techniques Come Join The Conversation, And Be Part Of The Fundamental Change In Professional Development We Call CHOICE Constant Progress, Honoring Professionals, Ongoing Learning, Individualized Focus, Collaborative Learning, Energizing Experiences Personalized PD Flipping Your Professional Development Will Help You Get There

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