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Thrissur - Trichur summary Thrissur - Trichur, series Thrissur - Trichur, book Thrissur - Trichur, pdf Thrissur - Trichur, Thrissur - Trichur a04ce3acc0 A Compilation Of 17 Essays On The Cultural Capital City Of Thrissur The Essays Range From Topics Like The History Of The City, The Religious And Caste Influences On The Cultural Fabric Of The City Of Thrissur, Thrissur And It S World Famous Pooram, Literary Legacy Of The City Etc.

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    This little book of 100 odd pages is a fantastic read for those who like to know about the cultural and historical backgrounds of the Cultural Capital City of Kerala , Thrissur.The title is a compilation of 17 essays by Puthezhath Raman Menon which describes a range of topics The book inspects the historical beginnings of this city and the way in which the city layouts was formed during the days of kings and under British influence.One of the essays takes a detailed look at the reasons why the city was named Thrissur Then there are essays which describes the various temples in the city and the legends and history surrounding the world renowned temple festival known as Thrissur Pooram Then there are essays which inspects the social fabric of the city and the influence of various religions and castes on the modern day evolution of this cultural capital city.The author uses simple...

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