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The End download The End , read online The End , kindle ebook The End , The End ca54b52070e2 We Live In A Genuinely Unique Period Of Human History, One In Which The Alarmist S Hackneyed Warning That The End Is Near Could Actually Come True The World Is Cluttered With Increasingly Powerful Advanced Technologies Global Warming And Biodiversity Loss Are Unchecked Catastrophes That Will Likely Push Society To The Brink Of Collapse How Are We To Respond To This Situation What Can We Do To Maximize The Probability Of A Positive Outcome For Our Species The End Surveys The Expanding Wilderness Of Big Picture Hazards Before Us It Offers A Comprehensive And Detailed Analysis Of Our Evolving Existential Predicament, Which Includes Risks From Synthetic Biology, Nanotechnology, Nuclear Weaponry, And Possibly, Soon Superintelligence But Understanding The Science Of Risks Isn T Enough To Effectively Mitigate Them One Must Also Understand The Social, Political, And Especially Religious Contexts In Which Advanced Technologies Are Being Developed The End Provides This Knowledge By Showing How Faith Based Belief In Religious Eschatologies Or End Times Narratives Is Inching Us Ever Closer To A Secular Apocalypse Action Needs To Be Taken Immediately To Avert A Disaster The Question Is Whether Humanity Will Choose Reason Over Faith, Observation Over Revelation, And Science Over Religion.