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Strong Is the New Sexy pdf Strong Is the New Sexy , ebook Strong Is the New Sexy , epub Strong Is the New Sexy , doc Strong Is the New Sexy , e-pub Strong Is the New Sexy , Strong Is the New Sexy 14a5bfc54a9 A Number Of Years Ago, Most People Thought Nicole Snooki Polizzi Was Destined For Either Rehab Or Prison When She Rose To Stardom On The MTV Breakout Series, Jersey Shore, She Was Twenty Pounds Overweight From Her Steady Diet Of Nachos And Alcohol Today, Not Only Is She A Mother Of Two, But She S As Fit And Trim As She S Ever Been She S Married To The Love Of Her Life And Father To Her Children, But Most Importantly, She S Strong Both In Her Body And Sheer Determination In Short, She S Got Her Life Together And Now Shares With Her Fans How She S Transformed Both Her Body And Mindset And Shows How They Can Do It Too In Strong Is The New Sexy, Snooki Gives Her Formula For Fierce And Inspires Readers To Tap Their Own Deep Wells Of Girl Power.

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    Full review at Snooki s run on the Jersey Shore, anybody could tell she wasn t taking good care of her body From the time the show ended til now, she has gone through many changes including becoming a fit wife and a mom In this book, Nicole dishe...

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    This book was a surprise for me I loved how honest and true to herself that Nicole was throughout the book You can definitely tell that she has grown up, and shares advice of how when you set your mind to do something, y...

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    I ve read every book Nicole has published, and I probably will continue to read her work Strong is the New Sexy could have been a fun look into the former Snooki s life, howeverit was just a regurgitation of old stories and a lot of similar or repeated stories from her previous book Baby Bumps I wanted a deeper look in how Nicole changed her ways and her motivationthese explanations seemed to only skim the surface It was fun to get a behind the scenes of some Jersey Shore antics and Nicole always has some crazy story to share While it was definitely fun, there was hardly any new info Plus, I felt like she was merely making excuses for herself instead of owning up It didn t feel like she was truly taking chargehowever, I did appreciate her showing ...

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    Didn t expect much but it was worse than I thought Picked it up because I admire how she s really turned her life around but this book doesn t really share HOW or why she did it The fitness and nutrition information was nothing special If you re a fan already you d appr...

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    I m am amazed and proud of Nicole s growth however, I expected a little from this book I agree with other readers, the book doesn t seem to have a flow but rather is all over the place I do see the potential in her if she keeps writing It s a quick and easy read.

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    Snooki who Snooki came into our lives as a drunken mess..but reading how she transitioned out of that drunken mess and became Nicole Polizzi the business woman and mom, was super sweet and motivational and funny.

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    I love snooki so I had to read this Cute and light hearted, but lots of typos, really repetitive and no real flow But hey, I was still entertained for a couple hours and i m sure that s all anyone is looking for reading this book.

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    It was a good book, it has definitely motivated me in to becoming a better me It featured some great tips that I will hopefully put into use I enjoyed it

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    This was a fast read.

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    Easy read She is definitely very motivational.

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