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Worlds Before Our Own download Worlds Before Our Own, read online Worlds Before Our Own, kindle ebook Worlds Before Our Own, Worlds Before Our Own 94b5dc80db04 Twenty Two Years Before Technology Of The Gods Seventeen Years Before Fingerprints Of The Gods Fifteen Years Before Forbidden Archaeology There Was Worlds Before Our Own, Brad Steiger S Groundbreaking Argument For The Existence Of A Global Prehistoric Civilization The Evidence Steiger Had Amassed For Such A Claim Was Based Primarily Upon Finds Of Erratics Mysterious Man Made Artifacts Found In The Deepest, Most Primordial Geological Strata When Worlds Before Our Own Was First Published, It Was Met With Scathing Reviews Even Demands That The Book Be Taken From The Shelves And Burned Steiger S Desire To Determine Humankind S True Origins Has Always Been One Of His Greatest Areas Of Interest, And He Was Shocked That Both The Scientific And Religious Establishments Had Reacted So Negatively To The Theories Put Forward In The Book Hostile Reviewers Fumed That Steiger Had No Right To Reveal Archaeological Discoveries That Could Threaten The Traditional Timetables Of Human Evolution Eventually Critics Began To Hail The Book As Mostly Brilliant And Daring, And In The Past Couple Of Decades The Concepts First Presented In Worlds Before Our Own Have Garnered Tremendous Critical And Popular Support This Is The Book That Started It All.About The Author Brad Steiger S First Explorations Of The Strange And Unexplained Appeared In 1956 He Is The Author Coauthor Of 164 Books In The Paranormal, UFO, And Prehistoric Mystery Fields, Including Such Titles As Shadow World, Beyond Shadow World, Otherworldly Affaires, And Strange Guests.