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Moonbound (Moonfate #1) pdf Moonbound (Moonfate #1) , ebook Moonbound (Moonfate #1) , epub Moonbound (Moonfate #1) , doc Moonbound (Moonfate #1) , e-pub Moonbound (Moonfate #1) , Moonbound (Moonfate #1) 9f7b0ba4b15 When Werebeasts Emerged From Extinction To Attack Her Family, Artemis Williams Ran From The Federal Bureau Of Supernatural Investigation, Her Nightmares, And Most Of All Her Future As The Mate Of A Werewolf But After Seven Years Of False Alarms, Artemis Decides To Return Home Unfortunately, That S When Destiny Catches Up To Her And Invades Her Dreams In The Form Of A Dangerously Sexy Arctic Werewolf Her Mate He Can Set Her Curvy Body On Fire With A Single Look, Claim Her Soul With A Touch And Artemis Knows It S Only A Matter Of Time Until He Hunts Her Down In Reality, Too But He S Not The Only Monster Lurking In The Darkness Moonbound Is A 20,000 Word Serial Novella And The First Installment In The Moonfate Serial It Contains Explicit Content, And Is Not Suitable For Minors.

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