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  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • After Preservation
  • Ben A. Minteer
  • 19 March 2018
  • 9780226259963

10 thoughts on “After Preservation

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    An amazing insight into the future of conservation, restoration, and preservation on a planet that is being devastated by climate change, human population growth, habitat fragmentation, and species extinction The collection of essays talks about what we can do to s...

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    Abridged review, as I have a longer review of this coming out in Environmental Communications shortly Minteer and Pyne have collected an interesting and thought provoking set of reflections here on what it means to preserve and conserve nature in the modern era The book contains an excellent set of thinkers speculating on case studies that cover a wide range of environmental issues.The book does one thing exceptionally well it demonstrates that even among those who have very strong commitments to the environment, there s massive disparities and disagreements in how nature ought to be seen and protected This is the defining feature of the volume for every point made in one essay, there s a count point in another.Take, for instance, the question of whether we ought to a get everyone to agree on a set of pro environmental values, or b skip right over the agreement part and simply try to get everyone to find join actions they can all get behind The book never really solves this question, instead drifting between the two positions and everything in between as it leaps from writer to writer.It s the challenge of an edited volume While Minteer and Pyne try to bring coherence through a provocative theme, ultimately, the volume feels disjointed It would benefit signifi...

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    Passionate, well argued, and thought provokingly contradictory As someone who enjoys open space and works in preserved nature, it gave me new issues to ponder.

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After Preservation characters After Preservation , audiobook After Preservation , files book After Preservation , today After Preservation , After Preservation f8f2e From John Muir To David Brower, From The Creation Of Yellowstone National Park To The Endangered Species Act, Environmentalism In America Has Always Had Close To Its Core A Preservationist Ideal Generations Have Been Inspired By Its Ethos To Encircle Nature With Our Protection, To Keep It Apart, Pristine, Walled Against The March Of Human Development But We Have To Face The Facts Accelerating Climate Change, Rapid Urbanization, Agricultural And Industrial Devastation, Metastasizing Fire Regimes, And Other Quickening Anthropogenic Forces All Attest To The Same Truth The Earth Is Now Spinning Through The Age Of Humans After Preservation Takes Stock Of The Ways We Have Tried To Both Preserve And Exploit Nature To Ask A Direct But Profound Question What Is The Role Of Preservationism In An Era Of Seemingly Unstoppable Human Development, In What Some Have Called The Anthropocene Ben A Minteer And Stephen J Pyne Bring Together A Stunning Consortium Of Voices Comprised Of Renowned Scientists, Historians, Philosophers, Environmental Writers, Activists, Policy Makers, And Land Managers To Negotiate The Incredible Challenges That Environmentalism Faces Some Call For A New, Post Preservationist Model, One That Is Far Pragmatic, Interventionist, And Human Centered Others Push Forcefully Back, Arguing For A Chastened And Restrained Vision Of Human Action On The Earth Some Try To Establish A Middle Ground, While Others Ruminate Deeply On The Meaning And Value Of Wilderness Some Write On Species Lost, Others On Species Saved, And Yet Others Discuss The Enduring Practical Challenges Of Managing Our Land, Water, And Air From Spirited Optimism To Careful Prudence To Critical Skepticism, The Resulting Range Of Approaches Offers An Inspiring Contribution To The Landscape Of Modern Environmentalism, One Driven By Serious, Sustained Engagements With The Critical Problems We Must Solve If We And The Wild Garden We May Now Keep Are Going To Survive The Era We Have Ushered In Contributors Include Chelsea K Batavia, F Stuart Terry Chapin III, Norman L Christensen, Jamie Rappaport Clark, William Wallace Covington, Erle C Ellis, Mark Fiege, Dave Foreman, Harry W Greene, Emma Marris, Michelle Marvier, Bill McKibben, J R McNeill, Curt Meine, Ben A Minteer, Michael Paul Nelson, Bryan Norton, Stephen J Pyne, Andrew C Revkin, Holmes Rolston III, Amy Seidl, Jack Ward Thomas, Diane J Vosick, John A Vucetich, Hazel Wong, And Donald Worster.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the After Preservation book, this is one of the most wanted Ben A. Minteer author readers around the world.