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Sky Stone (Sky Stone, #1) pdf Sky Stone (Sky Stone, #1) , ebook Sky Stone (Sky Stone, #1) , epub Sky Stone (Sky Stone, #1) , doc Sky Stone (Sky Stone, #1) , e-pub Sky Stone (Sky Stone, #1) , Sky Stone (Sky Stone, #1) 1c7748fcc1f Sky Stone Is The First Book Of The Sky Stone Series Written By Scarlett Van Dijk It Is Classified As A Young Adult, Fantasy Novel.Blurb In A Medieval Land Torn Apart By War, A Crazed King Seeks Divine Power Skyla, A Seventeen Year Old Social Outcast From The 21st Century, Is Stripped From Her Home And Transported To This Land Where Magic Is A Part Of Everyday Life With A Destiny And New Powers Bestowed Upon Her By The Gods, Will She Succeed, And Will She Finally Discover The Place Where She Belongs To Find Out About Sky Stone, Visit Www.scarlettvandijk.com

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