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Zero Defect pdf Zero Defect , ebook Zero Defect , epub Zero Defect , doc Zero Defect , e-pub Zero Defect , Zero Defect ca4e48eb9c6 He Is A Young Programmer, Filled With Vigor And Hope He Has, The Job He Likes And The Girl He Is In Love With But His Life Turns On Its Head When His Boss Cheats Him By Claiming The Ownership Of His Creation An Ingenuous Software Program.Suddenly, The Girl, Ishikia, He Loves, Moves Away, And He Finds Himself Alone Struggling Against All The Strangeness Of The World He Realizes The Life Is Far Complex Than The Ideals He Believed In He Finds Love Again, But He Fails To See It He Is Too Fixated With Ishika, While Ishika Has Decided To Move But He Is Not Willing To Let Go.He Is Blinded By His Own Rage And Seeks Revenge Against Those Who Wronged Him, His Only Way To Redemption There Are Actions That Can T Be Reversed, And There Are Secrets Which Will Question The Nature Of Reality Itself What Happens Next Upheavals Everyone S Life Nothing Is What It Seems In This Edge Of The Seat Romantic Thriller

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    Recommended a definite read for every software professional or anyone who wants to become one and a must must read if you ever hated your boss lol

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    Fast paced and entertaining I couldn t keep it down till I finished it two nights straight I d bet you d do the same once you pick it up Too bad ZD is not available on paper back yet I messaged the author and he said i...

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    A daring first novel which goes against the conventions and challenges the norm of our society, and our shared believes.

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    I want to kiss those hands it sounds crazy I know but I just finished book I couldn t shake the feeling, I came straight here and saw what people are talking about the book Saying this was amazing or great is just gross understatement This was awesomest of the awesome It left that feeling inside me, I donno but I like those people who get totally absorbed by the book and not the other way around Ofcourse not everybook can do this but only a few and this one seemed to do the trick on m I want to kiss those hands it sounds crazy I know but I just finished...

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    Just excellent

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    surprised me funny, smart and suspenseful thoroughly entertaining

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    Loved it Fast pace and interesting.

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    Zero Defect is a man s long journey in search of true love, a successful career and most importantly his own living identity I loved the author s sense of humor and storytelling as he blends the elements of adventure, romance and suspense all in one.

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    What an interesting story, well written and well paced It has all the elements one is looking for in a good book well developed character, interesting story line, mystery and romance.If you are looking for something different to r...

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    It really takes a good fiction book to hook me in This book kept me hooked I could not wait to see what would happen next The character are very well developed, and the love story portion of the book is compelling Must read

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