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    This has been a phenomenally fun collection to start working my way through I usually wouldn t dream of reviewing in progress, but this is the type of book set where you re obviously not supposed to plow through cover to cover The commentary is witty, informed, entertaining, eye opening, and every other positive trait you expect from RalphMag writers If you are a true fan of literature and literary criticism, you ll find so much here to adore The set is not cheap or easy to find I feel incredibly lucky to have won mine through Goodreads a...

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    I just finished the first volume and I am grateful that there is to read I added many of the reviewed books to my to read list It kind of reads like an old creative writing zine from college but with better writing I loved reading the short stories and poems throughout, especially Sweet Dumb Doggie and Song of Welcome It was also...

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    The wry wit of the review writers at Ralphmag.org always keeps me laughing So great to see many of my favorite reviews compiled here in print An anthology worth owning.

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