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A Vulgar Art pdf A Vulgar Art , ebook A Vulgar Art , epub A Vulgar Art , doc A Vulgar Art , e-pub A Vulgar Art , A Vulgar Art b360a40f1e2 In A Vulgar Art Ian Brodie Uses A Folkloristic Approach To Stand Up Comedy, Engaging The Discipline S Central Method Of Studying Interpersonal, Artistic Communication And Performance Because Stand Up Comedy Is A Rather Broad Category, People Who Study It Often Begin By Relating It To Something They Recognize Literature Or Theatre Editorial Or Morality And Analyze It Accordingly A Vulgar Art Begins With A Fundamental Observation Someone Is Standing In Front Of A Group Of People, Talking To Them Directly, And Trying To Make Them Laugh So This Book Takes The Moment Of Performance As Its Focus, That Stand Up Comedy Is A Collaborative Act Between The Comedian And The AudienceAlthough The Form Of Talk On The Stage Resembles Talk Among Friends And Intimates In Social Settings, Stand Up Comedy Remains A Profession As Such, It Requires Performance Outside Of The Comedian S Own Community To Gain Larger And Larger Audiences How Do Comedians Recreate That Atmosphere Of Intimacy In A Roomful Of Strangers This Book Regards Everything From Microphones To Clothing And LPs To Twitter As Strategies For Bridging The Spatial, Temporal, And Socio Cultural Distances Between The Performer And The Audience

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