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Pennys Alpha summary Pennys Alpha , series Pennys Alpha , book Pennys Alpha , pdf Pennys Alpha , Pennys Alpha cc094a389c KINDLE Pennys Alpha Author Carrie Kelly Jackkellyfilm.co.uk Kit, A Lone Wolf, Has Loved His Friend Penny Since Childhood They Re Mates After All However, The Plucky Woman Doesn T Seem To Return His Affections Is It Him, Or Are The Insecurities Over Her Curvy Body Getting In The Way Meanwhile, A New Wolf Pack Invades His Territory With A Sexual Appetite For The Girl Determined Not To Lose Her, Kit Will Do Whatever It Takes To Keep Her Safe Even If He Has To Tear Through An Entire Wolf Pack To Do So This 10,700 Word Story Contains Graphic Love Between A Bbw And An Alpha Werewolf Excerpt A Crack Of Thunder Made Me Jump Just As Kit Came Inside My Room I Watched Him Walk Towards The Window And Look Outside He Was Dressed In Nothing But Black Boxers It Made His Porcelain Skin Stand Out Even In The Somewhat Dark Room The Muscles In His Back Tensed As He Gripped The Edge Of The Window Sitting Up Slowly, I Raised An Eyebrow What S That I Asked Kit Looked At Me It S Nothing Go Ahead And Get Some Sleep, He Said And Sat Next To Me On The Bed It Sounded Like Howling, I Said And Attempted To Get Up, But Kit Grabbed My Arm, His Touch Igniting My Skin I Stared At Him He Took A Deep Breath And Leaned Into Me Slowly His Lips Coming Dangerously Close Hot Breath Traveled Across My Neck No, I Said Yes, He Breathed I Trembled And Bit My Bottom Lip Chest Heaved He Looked Back Up His Full Lips Were Parted, Begging To Be Kissed Penny, He Whispered.

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