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The Comfort of Tea files The Comfort of Tea , read online The Comfort of Tea , free The Comfort of Tea , free The Comfort of Tea , The Comfort of Tea 2e2a80bb3 Drarry AUA Lawn Mower, A Pertly Pink Todger, Endless Cups Of Tea And A Few Sly Grins Oh Yes, And Harry Is Cursed To Temporarily Bond To Anyone He Gets Close To For Some Reason That Person Ends Up Being Draco, Often Than Not Words Complete

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    FIRST RE READ 11 November 2017I still think this fic is adorable It s delightfully fluffy and wonderfully sweet New Favorite Quote I mean, I m sure if you met the right pers Ron closed his eyes as a look of horror settled about his face It s Malfoy, isn t it ORIGINAL REVIEW 4 January 2014Interesting idea, and so adorably executed.Harry is indeed cursed to be stuck with anyone nearby They cannot physically move away from each other for about two hours or so until it wears off And he can t be stuck to the same person twice in a row.He starts avoiding people while at work, comes in early and leaves late, tries to bond to friends as much as possible, but ends up in some fun and some funny situations with strangers he can t leave for two hours Or who can t leave him.Draco is adorable in this too So sweet and earnest and attempting to be subtle Very fun view spoiler And the scene where Draco corrects Harry s missing apostrophe totally cracked me up In one of my creative writing classes in college we had to write a poem of ourselves as a superhero and my superhero alter ego was Grammar Girl who could fly around correcting grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors on signs I totally love vigilante pedant than grammar girl, though hide spoiler

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    I Just can t.This is utterly boring with Draco being totally OOC, which is to say all nice and polite and reticent and modest Ok It s a futurefic, so one might argue that, after some drastic and horrible life experiences, it s rather understandable that Draco learned from his past mistakes and did indeed grow up to become a changed manYeah Right.Not Not to that extent Please.Because taking all the snark and haughtiness out of Draco sucks all the fun right out of Drarry Thanks, but no thanks.

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    3.5 stars

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