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NIV Quest Study Bible download NIV Quest Study Bible , read online NIV Quest Study Bible , kindle ebook NIV Quest Study Bible , NIV Quest Study Bible d8e93d748b25 With Over One Million Copies Sold, The NIV Quest Study Bible Is Designed For Inquisitive Readers Who Desire Solid Answers To Their Many Questions With Thousands Of Notes And Hundreds Of Articles By Today S Most Trusted Scholars, This Unique Bible Addresses The Common, Uncommon, And Perplexing Questions People Ask About Scripture Passages That Puzzle Will Snap Into Clarity As You Explore God S Word And Use The Many Study Helps Features Include Over 7,000 Sidebar Notes That Clarify The Bible S Most Puzzling Passages Nearly 350 Articles By Top Scholars That Address Today S Most Popular And Provocative Questions Book Introductions That Identify Themes, Characters, And Events In Each Bible Book Article Index And Expanded Subject Index To Help You Quickly Find The Answers You Re Looking For Single Column Scripture Text Format Color Keyed Verse Numbers That Supply Instant Reference To Articles And Sidebar Notes Over 150 Two Color In Text Charts, Time Lines, And Maps Providing Background Information To Help You Understand Different Passages Concordance, Dictionary, 16 Page Full Color Map Section, 7 Page Full Color Timeline Section, And Reading Plans To Assist Your Studies Of The Bible