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Haripath in Marathi chapter 1 Haripath in Marathi , meaning Haripath in Marathi , genre Haripath in Marathi , book cover Haripath in Marathi , flies Haripath in Marathi , Haripath in Marathi 377fbdf76aa8f This Book Contains Simple Meaning And Critique On Haripath In MARATHI.The Beauty Of Haripath And Greatness Of Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Is In His Simplicity Without Giving Difficult Aspect Of Philosophy He Simply Says, Spend Moment In Remembering Him And Chant HIS Name, Hari Mukhe Mhana Seek Within Therefore This Enchanting Melody Of Path To Divinity Really Speaking This Is Enough No Further Explanation Is Required A Wise Man Will Follow, The Master Immediately But Wise Men Are Rare Therefore Additional Explanation Has Become Necessary.Many Scholars Of Different Religion Have Misconception That Hinduism Is Based On Duality Or Have Faith In Many Deities Dnyaneshwar Emphatically Affirms That, Only Nameless, Formless, Spaceless, Timeless I.e., The Absolute Is The Essence Of The Entire Creation Know This As Absolute Therefore, Remember God.As Per Dnyandev Feelings Towards God I.e., Bhav Is Very Important, No Action Or Rituals Is Important Bhakti Is Futile Without Bhava Or The Feelings Know That Feeling Or Bhava Refers To Lord S Presence Know Bhava As The Essence Of Bhakti He Appeals, Therefore, My Friend, Do Not Strain Yourself Unnecessarily Be In Peace Day And Night With All That Is This Is Flowing With Divine Will Or Existential Law As Nanak Calls This.In This Process Of Evolution Gurukripa , Grace Of The Master Is EssentialOne Must Read This Very Carefully And Contemplate Over It The Whole Explanation About This Is Very Pregnant These Abhangas Are Not Any Definition Or Description It Is Like The One Who Has Tasted The Sweet Fruit What Will He Do He Will Enjoy He Will Go On Narrating To Others He May Start Singing The Glory You Will Try To Correlate Your Experiences With Those Who Have Experienced Themselves It Is Like You Want To Enter The Temple Yet Still You Have Not Yet Entered The Temple This Is An Effort To Bring The Taste Of Being In The Temple To Those Who Have Not Yet Been To The Temple For Such People There Can Be No Definition Definition Can Only Happen Between Those Who Know Therefore This Explanation As Per Dnyaneshwar Naamsmaran Or Chanting Name Of The God Is Direct Way Of Sublimation Of Oneself To The Higher Plane Of Consciousness.We Are Sure You Will Love To Read And Contemplate On This Beautiful Creation Of Saint Dnayeshwar Maharaj.Dny Neshwar Or J Neshwar 1275 1296 He Was Born In To A Deshastha Brahmin Kulkarni Family He Was A 13th Century Maharashtrian Hindu Saint Sant A Title By Which He Is Often Referred , Poet, Philosopher And Yogi Of The Nath Tradition Whose Works Bhavartha Deepika Teeka A Commentary On Bhagavad Gita, Popularly Known As Dnyaneshwari , And Amrutanubhav Are Considered To Be Milestones In Marathi Literature Haripath Was Written By Him For Common Man.Dnyaneshwar S Palkhi Palanquin , Holding The Footwear Of The Saint, Is Carried With Honour In A Silver Bullock Cart From Alandi To Pandharpur Dnyaneshwar Was Probably Introduced Into The Vaishnava Sampradaya Or Vitthala Sampradaya Of Pandharpur Founder Of The Varkari Movement , Influenced By The Piety Of Contemporary Members Of The Movement Such As Namdev, Gora Kumbhar, Savta Mali, Janabai, Narhari Sonar, Chokha Mahar And Sena Nhavi, After His Writing Of Dnyaneshwari Since There Is No Mention Of It In That Work Citation Needed The Varkaris Soon Considered Him Their Teacher And Spiritual Leader, Who Initiated His Contemporaries Associated With The Dvaita Dualism School Of The Bhakti Movement Into Advaita Non Dualism Citation Needed He Strongly Advocated Jnana Yukta Bhakti Devotion Guided By Knowledge And Believed That One Can Not Be Liberated Unless One Attains The True And Divine Knowledge Of Brahman.

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