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The Horny Tales Collection download The Horny Tales Collection , read online The Horny Tales Collection , kindle ebook The Horny Tales Collection , The Horny Tales Collection 91af74ba10fa Do You Want To Know How It All Began It Began With A Wee Leprechaun And A Curious Woman.Get Ready For The Much Anticipated Release Of The Horny Werewolf By Nikita King.This Compilation Set Has All Four Of The Horny Tales In Order And Newly Edited.This Reduce Rate Is For A Short Time Only.The Horny Leprechaun 1 The Horny Tales 1 Some Leprechauns Are Not So Nice..All Karen Wanted To Do Was Go To Ireland That Is Until She Goes Out Hiking One Day And Finds The Rainbow S End Unfortunately, She Runs Into One Pissed Off Leprechaun Who Thinks She Is After His Gold Now The Leprechaun Wants Payment For Trespassing With Sexual Acts That Some Called Depraved While Others Might Call It Magically Delicious Karen Finds Herself With A Bit Of A Sadistic Man Who Takes What He Wants And Karen Finds That She Likes It.The Horny Night Gaunt The Horny Tales 2 Some People Think Night Gaunts Are Legends, They Are Wrong..Kim Was Doing Just Fine Until One Day She Was Kidnapped Outside Of Her Work She Was Taken To A Village Where She Finds Out That She Will Be A Sexual Sacrifice To A Monster, To Be Precise, To The King Of The Night Gaunts Will Kim Be Enough To Slake His Sexual Appetite The Horny Minotaur The Horny Tales 3 The Breeding Barn Where Abduction Can Be Your Biggest Fear Or Your Greatest Pleasure..Sara Was Abducted And Taken To An Alternate Dimension To Be Bred To An Other Worlder When She Gets To The Breeding Barn She Is Paired With A Minotaur Who Wants Nothing To Do With Her.Warrick Has Been A Prisoner Of The Breeders For A Year Now He Has Refused To Breed To Any Female Not Wanting The Breeders To Have His Offspring That Is Until Sara Walks Into His Cage Sara Proves To Be A Bigger Temptation Than Warrick Was Prepared For.The Horny Leprechaun 2 The Horny Tales 4 Some Leprechauns Don T Miss What They Had Until It S Gone..This Book Takes Place Around Eight Weeks After Karen Left Collins In His Cave Collins Realizes That He Has Feelings For Karen And Plans To Go After Her But Someone Gets There First Someone Took His Woman And Hell Has No Furry Like A Pissed Off Leprechaun A New Villain Will Be Introduced And We Find Out That It Might Take Two Heroes To Take Him Down But Can They Get There In Time To Save Karen