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Dragon Princess chapter 1 Dragon Princess , meaning Dragon Princess , genre Dragon Princess , book cover Dragon Princess , flies Dragon Princess , Dragon Princess 1698f0d5a2da6 Frank Blackthorne S Most Recent Heist Did Not End Optimally The Sacrificial Virgin Survived, But The Whole Incident Left Frank, A Respectable Career Thief, On The Run From A Kingdom Full Of Evil Cultists Eager To Replace Their SacrificeSo, When The Court Wizard Of Lendowyn, Elhared The Unwise, Comes To Him Intending To Hire Someone To Save Lendowyn S Princess From An Evil Dragon In Return For Riches, Glory, And Help With The Bloodthirsty Cultists Problem, Frank Is Rightfully Suspicious Frank Is Also Not In A Position To RefusePerhaps Unsurprisingly, Frank S Rescue Fails In An Explosion Of Spectacularly Misapplied Magic When The Dust Settles, All Parties Involved Find Themselves Body Swapped Frank Is Left Stranded In The Princess Lucille S Body, Halfway Across The Kingdom The Understandably Angry Princess Lucille Finds Herself Inhabiting The Body Of The Dragon In Order To Set Things Right, They Will Have To Team Up And Face Down Thugs, Slavers, Elvish Bookies, Knights In Shining Armor, An Evil Queen, And The Hordes Of The Dark Lord N Talc

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