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A Woman of Pleasure download A Woman of Pleasure , read online A Woman of Pleasure , kindle ebook A Woman of Pleasure , A Woman of Pleasure 8404eaa7c9b8 Naseema Khan Grew Up In Poverty In An English Mission In India Never Knowing The Identity Of Her Father And Too Young To Understand The Taunts Of Strangers, She Did Not Realise She Was Shunned Because Of The Colour Of Her Skin When Her Bitter Mother Intends To Sell Her To An Old Moneylender As His Wife, She Uses Her Wits To Escape And Begins A Journey That Takes Her From Delhi To Paris She Begins To Realise The Extent Of The Power Her Burgeoning And Exotic Beauty Has On Those Around Her In Paris, She Falls In Love With The War Weary Duncan Gerard But Circumstances Conspire Against The Lovers And Duncan Is Forced To Return To His Life In England, Leaving Naseema Alone With The Legacy Of Their Love With Her Dwindling Resources, Dejected And Alone, She Catches The Eye Of Louise Despard, A Sophisticated Parisienne Who Takes Naseema Under Her Wing She Introduces Naseema To A New Way Of Life That Will Complete Her Metamorphosis Into The Toast Of Paris And London Society A Mysterious And Tantalizing Woman Every Man Will Desire Yet Together With Despard, Now Her Closest Friend, There Is So Much To Be Accomplished