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Core (Core #1) chapter 1 Core (Core #1) , meaning Core (Core #1) , genre Core (Core #1) , book cover Core (Core #1) , flies Core (Core #1) , Core (Core #1) 63037a76c7638 Cale Can T Lie.If Only He Could Lie To The Girl With The Hard Eyes And Clenched Fists, If Only He Could Twist The Truth, Maybe He D Win Her Trust But Cale Can T Lie And The Only Way To Get Her Is To Tell Her Exactly What He Is.Journey Through Fight Clubs, Sky Dungeons, And The Perils Of A Forbidden World Join Cale An Eighteen Year Old With One Impossible Secret As He Tears Through The Calloused Blockade That Is Ava Johnson.And Fearless Ava, Buried In Secrets Of Her Own, Faces The Most Frightening Truth Of Her Dark Life.She Must Learn To Need Someone.

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