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More Golden Than Day chapter 1 More Golden Than Day, meaning More Golden Than Day, genre More Golden Than Day, book cover More Golden Than Day, flies More Golden Than Day, More Golden Than Day ca593fc74c9e1 Zach Always Thought He D Play Ball For The Texas Rangers Someday, Or Maybe Become A Writer But When The Beautiful And Mysterious Jolie Doucet Pops Up Out Of Nowhere And Asks Him To Become A Werewolf Hunter, He S Suddenly Faced With A Choice He Never ImaginedFor Zach Remembers All Too Well What Happened The Last Time He Tangled With Wolves, And He S Not Sure He Wants To Get Involved With Something Like That Again But When Jolie Is Betrayed Into The Hands Of The Werewolves, Zach Decides There S Still Work For The Curse Breaker To Do Only This Time, There S No Turning Back From The Path He S Chosen, And Somehow Zach Must Find The Courage To Make An End Of The Curse Forever Even If It Costs Him Everything

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