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    The Siege of Macindaw Ranger s Apprentice, 6 , John FlanaganThe Siege of Macindaw is the sixth book in the Ranger s Apprentice series by Australian author John Flanagan The book was first published on 1 May 2007 in Australia and on 4 August 2009 in the United States 2014 1393 405 9786003530362 21 .

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    Quite good

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    And thus the two book adventure in wintry Norgate comes to a close Fair winds to the Skandians, particularly Gundar Hardstriker Farewell to the brilliant healer, the tender hearted giant, the unpopular chamberlain Au revoir to Horace and Alyss We ll see you again, no doubt Come visit me at Seacliff.3.75 stars good but too predictable I rounded it up to 4 stars because it s such a heartwarming book, with a sweet finish No ...

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    I ve found these books to be sort of, uneven I liked the early books, but the sequence concerning Will s captivity lost me some what as I found my interest waning A lot of this will of course be somewhat personal and subjective and apply to me, some will I suppose find it to be true for them others less so I found my interest in this YA series picking back up somewhat in the last couple of books aside from my annoyance at the blatant cliffhanger with which the book before this ended.Let my say something here, and please bear with me.in other words I m not trying to sound in any way pompous I had a couple of complaints with this book and at least one may be explained by the fact that I have read so many books There were times when I was going okay, we all know what s coming nextjust get on with your cliche and move the story along But I m not really sure that everyone thinks thatso whether the books plot and the story s situations are a bit as I said cliched, is something to decide for yourself Often I saw plot devices I recognized going in and knew the next events almost as if I d already read them I think each reader may need to think about this individuallyit s a YA bo...

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    Ok so I gave this book one star because it was that bad Really was it that bad yes it was that bad and .I was so disappointed in this sixth book of the Ranger s Apprentice series The first four books where so great and this one fell utterly short I HAD hoped after reading the last book and being bored out of my mind that this next one would pick up a little, boy did it not Quiet frankly it got to be a chore reading it by the end of the book and I was jumping in my seat waiting to get done with it so I could wright a raving review Ok so maybe not that bad but still, it was pretty darn bad.Some of the things I found wrong where it were that it kept repeating the same stuff, over and over and over and over and you get the point Like the information about how castle stairway s were built so that the person coming down had the advantage That is great information and all but I really don t think we need to read it three times, I mean come on does the author think we re that dumb Also the details on the fighting scenes were just, b...

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    Yes, I actually read this book in one day It s rather surprising what you manage to read when you have neither a smartphone nor a computer at hand xDThe Siege of Macindaw is the sixth book of the Ranger s Apprentice series It starts immediately after the ending of book five Alyss is still stuck in Macindaw, Will is hiding with the magician in the forest and Horace is making his way north This is the culmination of everything that was started in the last book The character threats and plot lines are all wrapped up or less nicely Yay No cliffhanger this time Some random comments.Shadow I m an emotional mess and that was sad even if it was also really sweet.Did Horace just actually lie Halt really must have rubbed off on him Good for you xDOh romance In all fairness, that one I didn t really feel I think the author is a lot better at writing humor and action t...

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    They just keep getting better and better

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    The story was very well built up and I loved how Will and Horace managed to get back the castle by keeping a cool head and a very creative strategy

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    Also not my favorite of the series Once again, Halt is only in it very briefly, and Tug is barely mentioned.

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    Verhaal 4 5Karakters 4 5 Schrijfstijl 4 5 Papier audio Ik heb naar het luisterboek geluisterd, omdat het kan Herlezen In elk geval wil ik meer boeken in deze serie lezen

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  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • The Siege of Macindaw
  • John Flanagan (Aus)
  • Czech
  • 09 November 2018

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