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The Equipping Pastor chapter 1 The Equipping Pastor , meaning The Equipping Pastor , genre The Equipping Pastor , book cover The Equipping Pastor , flies The Equipping Pastor , The Equipping Pastor 6f9a7ae96d546 The Authors Draw On Their Combined Experience To Create An Exciting Model Of Congregational Leadership That Understands Congregations As Relational Systems Learn How Relational Processes Can Liberate Members For Ministry And Mission In The World And Release Pastors For Appropriate Leadership.

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    One body Many parts In the practice of ministry, it s easy to allow the many parts portion of Paul s one body with many parts metaphor for the church to drive one s ministry This is problematic on multiple levels First, ministry becomes primarily about relationships and interactions with individuals or ...

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    This book operates under the unbiblical principal of the clergy laity system This massive theological error sets the tone for the remaining arguments in this book From here the authors build on this clergy laity foundation to implore the pastor to equip their flock for being the hands of christ All the while they poin...

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