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Yellow Green Beret Vol. I download Yellow Green Beret Vol. I , read online Yellow Green Beret Vol. I , kindle ebook Yellow Green Beret Vol. I , Yellow Green Beret Vol. I 2d3f82f29d31 Forget Slapstick Comedy, When It Comes To U.S Army Special Forces Veteran Chester Wong Writing His Memoir, Yellow Green Beret Stories Of An Asian American Stumbling Around U.S Army Special Forces, It S About Chopstick Humor And Random Acts Of Hilarity From His Days At West Point Through His Time Serving As A Green Beret Combat Commander On The Frontlines Of Iraq And The Philippines, Wong Tells How He Scaled The Ranks Despite Being Adept At Cutting Corners Than Taking Orders Darkly Comic And Brutally Honest, Wong S Stories Range From Sting Operations On Filipino Cell Phone Thieves To Ordering Pizzas During Special Operations Wilderness Survival School And Beyond The Humor, His Darker Stories Offer Up A No Holds Barred Account Of What It S Like To Serve On The Front Lines As A Special Forces Commander, Showing The Strange Mix Of Tedium, Absurdity, Danger And Bravery That Colored His Four Tours And Just What It S Like To Be Yellow And Fight For The Red, White, And Blue Whether Or Not You Re In The Army, There S A Whole Lot Of Adventure And A Whole Lot Of Who D Have Thoughts And Imagine Thats In This Military Memoir With Short Stories Like Johnnie Walker Brown, Wily Filipino Cell Phone Thieves, And Sniper School Extending The Range Of Personality Lethality, Wong Pokes Fun At The Ironies Of Special Operations Combat, The Idiosyncrasies Of Military Life, And The Absurdities Of Life On The Frontline Often Than Not He Heckles His Own Harebrained Ways Each Vignette Is A Standalone Anecdote Sometimes There S A Lesson, Sometimes It S Just For A Laugh He Reminisces His West Point And Special Forces Training, Working With Various Militaries In Southeast Asia, And Serving In Iraq And The Philippines, As Well As General Tidbits Of Military Life With A Self Deprecating Humor Style, He Leaves Readers Rolling With Laughter And Reflection On His Unique Observations And Lessons Learned From A Path Not Often Taken, Which Is Good Since This Memoir Is The First In A Three Part Collection.