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  • Paperback
  • 480 pages
  • We Fought at Arnhem
  • Mike Rossiter
  • English
  • 10 June 2018
  • 9780552162333

10 thoughts on “We Fought at Arnhem

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    Although centred on 3 characters all in Arnhem within a few miles of each other, it does portray the vastly different time they endured with the only symbioses that binds the characters together being their shared time in captivity until the close of their wars A gripping read throughout however I found it let down ...

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    A very detailed description of one of the most infamous campaigns in British history The in depth accounts by the three soldiers allows the reader to garner a better idea of what conditions were like at Arnhem and also helps the reader emphasize with the soldiers Even though most people will have some idea of the events of operation Market Garden the account fleshed out what happened from the troops perspective I did enjoy the book but did find it slightly difficult to get through at times due to the listings of battalions and regiments which confused the points slightly For me personally it was an enlighte...

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    This book tells the story of this famous battle by cleverly following the personal stories of three soldiers involved in the operation This provides a very detailed timeline of the battle as well as making you truly appreciate the b...

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    This book was great its the standard story of operation market garden but it also follows 3 individuals so puts a very personal view on the whole battle I can t recommend this highly enough I really enjoyed it If you enjoyed the bridge too far then this is a must as it will bring...

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    Worth the read honestly

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    Excellent book Heroes..Never forgotten

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    Books put together based on interviews of the survivors of a battle are always interesting if they are done well This one is done pretty well.

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    Published in 2012, We Fought at Arnhem tells the story Operation Market Garden in September 1944 through the eyes of three surviving veterans In practice, this means that around half of the book looks at the specific experiences of these veterans, whilst the remainder gives a general history of the battle The book has irritating flaws the authors technical knowledge is often dubious resulting in numerous errors in detail Examples include referring to the Hotspur glider as being of flimsy fabric covered construction, when is skinned in plywood, the Panzer III medium tank referred to as a light tank, the Panther tank referred to as armed with an 88mm gun instead of 75mm, a Char B bis tank referred to as a Renault light tank amongst others The text sometimes has an annoying dumbed down style, ...

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We Fought at Arnhem characters We Fought at Arnhem , audiobook We Fought at Arnhem , files book We Fought at Arnhem , today We Fought at Arnhem , We Fought at Arnhem 748e2 Operation Market Garden A Plan To Capture The Bridge Over The Rhine At Arnhem And Outflank The German Front.In All Twelve Thousand Airborne Troops Were To Land, Either By Parachute Or Glider, At Three Drop Zones And Move Towards Their Objective As The World Now Knows The Mission Was To Be A Bridge Too Far For The British Forces.Mike Rossiter Has Interviewed Three Of The Survivors Of Those Fateful Days, Each Involved In A Different Flank Of The British Attack, And In Vivid Detail Reconstructs The Events That Lead Up To This Most Famous Of Glorious Defeats It Is At Once A Story Of Hubris And Bad Planning, But Also Of Valiant Sacrifice And Inspirational Courage.

About the Author: Mike Rossiter

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the We Fought at Arnhem book, this is one of the most wanted Mike Rossiter author readers around the world.