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    Oh so perfect for me Love the art, the friendship, as always In fact, I picked this up based just on the series and title, as You are my Sunshine is one of my favorite old songs But then I saw it was about moping, and I couldn t turn the pages fast enough to see if anything cured Toot Well,...

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    I SO know how he is feeling, Toot, in this book I felt the same way when I moved to always sunny San Diego We all need a little storm in our life now and then to clear the air and make the world seem crisp and new I love the original Toot Puddle books, and this one is probably one of my favorites.

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    45 months sometimes you just need a big storm to wash all your troubles away and start fresh As always Toot and Puddle is an enjoyable read.

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    Ages 4 8Cleanliness a pig is mopey for several days the rain and thunderstorm makes him happy Like my reviews I also have hundreds of detailed reports that I offer too These reports give a complete break down of every...

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    I do like this series The stories always put a smile on my face They aren t overly complicated And TP generally appreciate the little things in life.But what happens when Toot feels glum Why Puddle tries to help, of course, but nothing seems to work Friends...

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    I think this was a cute book showing how sometimes we need to give our friends some space and let them have some time for themselves Sometimes as friends we try to help our friends, but sometimes they...

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    My Grandson loves the Toot and Puddle books Toot and Puddle You are My Sunshine is no exception

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    a fun little book about cheering up a friend when he s in a bad mood

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    From Kirkus ReviewsPuddle is concerned about his good friend, Toot, who has a severe case of the doldrums While recognizing that everybody mopes sometimes, Puddle still wants to cheer up his buddy, attempting everything from five berry cobbler to a wild boat ride down the rapids Yet even an impromptu party with their friends fails to elicit any excitement from the melancholy pig Only the passing of time and a raging thunderstorm finally alter Toot s dolorous mood Hobbie deftly explores the neglected subject of sorrow, making clear to children that it s okay to be downcast for no discernible reason Although Puddle s well intentioned efforts are seemingly unsuccessful, what does succeed is that Puddle is perfectly in tune with his friend, convincing Toot and readers that they are not alone and that they will be loved even when they are not up Gentle watercolors add a light touch ...

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    How refreshing to find a friendship book where friends actions aren t always the cure all needed to cheer you up Sometimes it s friends leaving you alone to weather your own storms, and then being there for you afterward This is a true life lesson that I learned later in life Deep stuff for a picture book, yet the watercolors are wholly sunny and charming Puddle and Tulip are very worried when normally upbeat Toot gets down in the dumps, and they try just about everything they can to ch...

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